1. Where do you feel like you're struggling? That will help us advise. Are you dealing with sticky wool so that the later processes become difficult?

  2. Yes. Slightly sticky and impossible to card and spin.

  3. Ok, I've had a sticky cormo fleece to deal with in the past, and it's awful! I feel your pain! Let's start out with what your washing process is for the fleece? How hot is your water, what soap, how many washes/rinses, etc?

  4. Take solace in the ability to let your mind shed cares while you're spinning. Let your mind blank and your hands take over.

  5. The audio performance of Neil Gaiman's "The Sandman" is wonderful. Neil reads and it also features talents like Taron Egerton, James McAvoy, Andy Serkis, Michael Sheen amongst others.

  6. I use a Lumos helmet that has blinking lights and turn signals built in.

  7. Studio 31 in Worcester, although not for what you're looking for.

  8. Roadrunner is fantastic. The same folks opened up the Sinclair a few years ago, it's also nice. Smaller than Roadrunner. The venue I end up at most of the time is the Paradise. Boardinghouse Park in Lowell is also a wonderful place for a summer concert.

  9. Don't. Too much can go wrong with automatic feeders leading to heartbreak. The fish will be just fine if they don't eat for 10 days.

  10. If you're willing to travel, Jon Coimbra at Seven Horses Tattoo in Concord, NH is pretty amazing.

  11. He's a nice guy, too. I've got one tattoo by him and am in the process of scheduling another.

  12. Amazing first spin! Waaay better than mine!

  13. Can't see the blister, but it's possible it's mechanical damage. It should heal but may scar so that it has reduced vision in that eye. Make sure your water quality is good.

  14. All of the cats we've had minus one (a spayed female) were/are FIV+. It's pretty par for the course with adult rescued intact males.

  15. Could be early stomatitis, definitely take your lovely in to the vet.

  16. You can't go wrong with daisy/black eyed susan varieties.

  17. The glazing is gorgeous, and I love the concept! FYI, the anatomy is wrong. The tail is twisted 90 degrees from how the spine of a koi actually works. This koi has a tail like a dolphin.

  18. It depends on the area for me. My biggest swelling was my kneecap. I had to straight-leg stairs for a few days after that one.

  19. Have MassSave come and do a free energy assessment on your home. You can get really steep discounts on additional insulation, which will help.

  20. Lovely! I'm spinning a super fine yarn for TDF, as well. Feels like I don't make much progress! :D

  21. Unless you're doing huge diameter art yarn, which it doesn't sound like you're planning, the right wheel is the one that you are comfortable with...which might be your current wheel! Is there anything in particular that you don't like about your Kiwi?

  22. It sounds like you need to talk to National Grid to see what has happened on their end that the money isn't getting deducted as it should.

  23. It's crazy how expensive those tubs are. You could use a non-toxic drawer liner and cut to fit the bottom of your clear tub...something like this, which is food grade silicone:

  24. Hantavirus is spread through rodent excrement, including urine. Personally, I'd not mess with it and risk hantavirus. None of the recommendations below will deal with the risk posed by the virus.

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