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  1. Too many of you bought puts so now of course they need to keep the market up lmao

  2. Think this will jump again? I'm about to pull money out of my 401k for a little more aggressive action.

  3. Dump already happened !! Do you think it will pump monday ?

  4. I did the same. I changed it to a $40 limit order so it will go through at the lowest price possible.

  5. If you’re right then, bag holder here I got in took a vacay w the fam about a month ago. I came back and it had dropped so I’ve been chasing ever since.. 😂 if reverse is true then gonna give another day put a stop in and if nothing rip the bandaid off and cut my losses ouch

  6. There are better squeeze plays right now so I don’t know if enough people will jump into this to hold and squeeze, but definitely nice to see it moving. I hd just over 2k shares.

  7. The problem with squeeze plays is 80% people end up bag holding … so far SFT has been moving steadily and that’s pretty safer then jumping 50% a day and dropping like 60 the other

  8. Don’t worry they sent it to everyone 💁🏻‍♂️😂

  9. Of course when I sell my BOXD....this happens. Smh

  10. Exela Technologies Inc., which last month said it would explore the sale of assets as a way to raise capital, on Wednesday said it has received a preliminary, non-binding bid for a business unit with roughly $200 million in revenue.

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