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  1. This goes to y'all mudda FUDDERS! 😂

  2. 1 year ago You sure spent a lot of time going after fudders. Looking back. Was there some truth to their worries and doubts? Maybe something to reevaluate.

  3. All facts. And yet some still don't believe in SafeMoon. I wonder how the folks who stayed with Bitcoin all this time felt when they were being doubted.

  4. honestly I felt scared but comfortable in my investment knowing btc was completely unique and pioneering a new type of decentralized currency/technology. Unlike btc, Unfortunately safe moon is completely useless and brings no innovation to the table. But it’s not unique in that manner, there are 10k other useless coins. This is like comparing the 10k companies that didn’t survive the dot com Bubble to Amazon.

  5. This is one of maybe others that is focused on delivering crypto to Africa if I remember correctly. I suppose that is where the eventual value will come from. Eventually I guess all cryptos will merge? IDK. For the meantime I think it will deliver eventually on what is promised. For now there seems to be some issues but it doesn't seem to affect it much. I sometimes think back to Bitcoin in case of some doubts.

  6. This reply makes me sad tbh. “FUD FIGHTER”. My other comments on this subreddit are specifically aimed at preventing another case like yours. Listen, you’re absolutely free to invest/support whatever you want. But, please please please educate yourself on what you’re investing in. Not sure if you’re referring to safemoon being some kind of mass use currency in Africa, but as someone who has researched crypto payment rails, remittances etc, safemoon is light years away from being in that conversation Moreover it’s one thing to be misinformed, it’s another to repeat that info for hundreds of others to see. Please my friend. Educate yourself. It’s possible you got this information from a person making the same mistake as yourself 🙏.

  7. Take in to account the current economic conditions, and people waited 7 years for doge to get somewhere

  8. Hello fellow cannabis enjoyer. Here’s the problem with your comment. Doge is an outlier. There are 10000 other coins that never recovered from the previous cycle. Also please consider the things that kept doge alive in the past 2 years (mostly elon musk tweets) Can you name another memecoin that survived from previous cycle?

  9. I don’t follow meme coins close enough tbh my fellow bud buddy, but your point about musk is valid. I’m just hoping we make it somewhere

  10. Good luck man. I’m honestly rooting for everyone here. Just trying to inject some reasonable criticism. Hope it turns around for you buddy.

  11. DCAing can be a fine strategy. But it doesn’t apply to a memecoin especially as you descend into a bear market. If you had been buying $200 every week for the last 8 Months…Where would you be now ? Yes most coins are down 90%, but if markets continue tanking then it can still go down another 75%. This is more Sunk Cost Fallacy than intelligent DCAing

  12. No man, it's sunken cost fallacy if the reason you're doing it is emotional, you believe it to be so it is. you believe x will do y against empirical or substantiated evidenc etc.

  13. Hi friend. I know you’re passionate about safemoon. But you’re also emotionally attached to it. Any unbiased reasonable person will admit that safemoon has been a sinking ship. Some of that emotion might be clouding your judgement? Something to consider maybe. DCAing into sinking ships would be akin to plugging holes with your fingers. If this was a better quality project you’d be right though. Please try to look at this objectively. (I’ve never owned safemoon but I’ve experienced this with other projects). Nonetheless I truly hope this ships turns around for you. Good luck

  14. You’ve been in crypto for 7 years and yet you still decided to baghold a 1 in a million memecoin that went “to the moon”. Sweet Jesus sir have you learned nothing Top .68% *bagholder

  15. Can you explain why the guy responded “it’s serie b” to “it’s October”? I’m not being an ass I literally can’t comprehend the response it makes zero sense in context. Ass.

  16. I like buying safemoon this cheap. 10 years ago BTC was $12 a coin.

  17. Now try naming the price of the 1000 other coins that didn’t survive the previous 2 cycles

  18. You’re correct. At this point it only make sense to hold. But it’s illogical to buy more right now.

  19. Sir have you not learned what you posted? “Only makes sense to hold”. Why doesn’t it make sense to sell ?

  20. Probably a reverse scam to steal your funds actually. You should feel lucky you’re not a thief hehe

  21. Fyi this person is either retarded or it’s a reverse scam to steal your funds when you access it.

  22. I don't believe they could be in worse form than us... have we watched our last games?

  23. Often shocked by the delusion from my fellow usmnt fans. We haven’t looked good in 3 consecutive games in about 3 or 4 years

  24. Yea especially now that Kante is out for France. We should easily beat them in later rounds after advancing.

  25. Only comment is from someone called “ultramaga” calling them heroes. Hard to to take these retards seriously when their TL is full of Gabbard and that Jackson dude

  26. I remember when Jay Demerit played a tournament out of his mind and helped defeat the best team on Earth at the time. Players can catch fire and really step it up at big moments.

  27. “ players can catch fire” Reminds me or Bornstein shutting down Messi

  28. You were just peddling easily verifiable false info the other day. What kind of agenda do you have? Nobody here should be taking any advice from you. 🙏💚

  29. This. This person was saying safemoon would be bigger than bitcoin and apple 1 year ago. Absolutely should be ignored and laughed at. 🙏💚

  30. I believe Safemoon will be huge, and I said it would be the Apple of crypto because John K has a commercially oriented mind and is not one of those tech geeks who create solutions in search of problems. Safemoon just “gets it”, and I also believe that there is potential and space for a reflections blockchain to revolutionise finance. I was never huge on the IOT green energy thing or the Gambia thing, and was always here for the exchange and blockchain.

  31. It doesn't make me feel better. On the contrary..it absolutely pains me to see people fall for this shit cycle after cycle. This goes for safemoon or any of the other useless memecoins. I'm only responding to try to save the people from falling for your insane illogical safemoon hopium/shilling. Safemoon has offered absolutely no innovation. They aren't building an ecosystem. They are having their friends launch useless tokens on their swap..making money by getting a listing fee/token allocation and then dumping them on unsuspecting retail traders. Just to be clear, thats the Safemoon team making money, not the community.

  32. 1 year ago this person was making posts such as safemoon is the next Bitcoin, safemoon is the apple of crypto, safemoon is the best coin in the world etc. 1 year later and still posting nonsense hopium like this. I don’t care if you like safemoon, but this is absolutely insane. Looking through their insane post history, OP is the one that needs to find peace, I wish them good luck, truly.

  33. Man this is such a weird take. Nfts aren’t that different than meme coins. Get off your high horse, safemoon is a meme. If this was a polka dot or cosmos subreddit maybe I would understand. Some nft projects are just as if not more legitimate than safemoon. Polygon just announced an nft partnership with Starbucks. If safemoon had done that you’d be through the roof.

  34. If you consider NFT exclusively as this dumb JPEGs, well i agree. But most people don’t know that they can be also papers, items on games, used to register laws, artworks ect. On this aspect NFTs are amazing, infinitely more amazing than monkey paintings lol

  35. Since you’re so focused on fundamentals. What utility does safemoon have ?

  36. This guy isnt even that rich, 10m isnt even that much, what a tool

  37. Bought some products from him 5 years ago. He’s one of the best.

  38. Nick has mentioned reading hair loss forums a lot. He was paranoid he was balding at one point. Also, I’m gay actor Michael Douglas.

  39. Jonathon Snowden was a MMA journalist that used to ruffle some feathers Forgot about him

  40. Starting material looks a bit too old in my opinion. But good luck!

  41. That’s probably because you got normal Botox which goes much deeper and serves a different purpose than the treatment actually mentioned in this post.

  42. it's pretty much banned here, so impossible to get, unfortunately. I am prescribed in the US and either bring/ship it..

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