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  1. Definitely, crypto winters become shorter and loose less value every time. Btc dominance drops winter after winter.

  2. Well I guess we will hopefully respectfully disagree. Having started several and sold for success, companies myself, bringing dozens of start up companies public and after spending over two decades in financial services owning a brokerage firm, I see nothing out of the ordinary with the management of the token or launch of RGI. These are typical start up growing pains dealing with limited resources and staff. I do wonder however, and this is out of sincerity and not to be a jag, but if you’re not happy with the token or company, why keep your money here. Just being honest, my feeling is that many of these issues where people aren’t happy is because they thought RBIF was going to “moon” and quick. There’s nothing wrong with that, but if something doesn’t work out as intended, why not you shift gears and put your $ elsewhere. I did just this with SHIB, AMP and LRC and invested those into RBIF. I expected more, they didn’t deliver and I cashed out. Made descent $ on two of three. Still think there’s room for a couple of them but I feel my prospects are better with RBIF.

  3. We can definitely agree to disagree.

  4. This is probably quite true and I can’t blame people for following what they believe or fear. Many people have exited crypto in its entirety. New projects are under immense pressure to perform and for many the grass is greener elsewhere. Bear markets are also not for the faint of heart and patience is hard to find, however with the right perspective and timeline growth can be achieved and I believe RBIF will find it when the markets stabilize and the fear subsides.

  5. Let’s just hope the wallet shows what we are all waiting for and we have some major partnerships in the near future.

  6. Yessir! Also hate the refusal to drop inu from the name. Their inspiration shib and doge have been in massive correction even prior to this crash and inu was a 2021 thing. Noone calls tokens inu anymore, not even actual scam tokens use inu. Shib has turned into a pump and dump and doge is floundering even with elon musk support. The whole inu craze was a 2021 thing and it's played out and hurting their chances of success and consequently our chances of success. What good is a community driven token when you don't listen to the community who overwhelmingly supports losing the inu? Numbers don't lie and the name is not helping your token and most feel its actively hurting it..there's nothing to lose with dropping the inu. A name is supposed to set you apart from the rest not lump you in with literally thousands of scams and shitcoins

  7. Agree, I think 90% of the community is with you on that. I know they used it to lift of the shiba/doge succes at first. Nowaday, anyone who seed Inu stated after a coin will run (and can’t blame them based on the 1.000+ shittokens).

  8. Yep, the Bitmart news was a huge boon at first, the community was ecstatic. The combo of the holders not adding to the count despite the initial claims and the fact that almost all volume is in BM now (killing the reflections) has been a real bummer.

  9. Yep, we where late to the party but get hit twice as hard now.

  10. Why would that bring more holders?

  11. In case this hasn’t been solved.

  12. Mods around here? This post should be removed.

  13. The information is incorrect. No airdrops have been released, we don’t even have 5K holders yet.

  14. G'day mate! I read on TG that none of the 3 Dev's or indeed Ms Pham herself got any free RBIF given to them. They paid for what they got. Just passing on what I read. Cheers.

  15. That’s good news! That would mean that all top 20 wallets are for marketing/donations only. 🚀🚀🚀🚀

  16. Hell yeah!!! Lets try to get there before 2023 guys!

  17. We need to drop the stupid ‘inu’ form the name. RBIF has utility, but it sounds like a meme coin .

  18. I agree, I believe there was a poll here showing almost everyone who did the poll wanted Inu to be dropped, so perhaps this will be done in the near future.

  19. The developers won’t listen though, and that’s what makes me hesitant. Investors should be more involved.

  20. It’s a community token right? So if the majority of the community would prefer that I wouldn’t see why not? The community (investors) are the reason why RBIF is here and has grown to where it is today.

  21. Interesting, well I’ll look into it. Since price is soo low any big gain is going to take some time, but might be worth throwing $100 in and see what happens

  22. 100 x 100 = Nice and Fine lookin’ 10K 😎

  23. That’s what I like about small projects and early investments. I’d put 100 in and forget about it, come back in 5 years and it’s either a ton or gone lol

  24. Agree, although I personally invest quit some in 3/4 started project late last year and early this year.

  25. Sometimes I also look at the purchases like the recent one for $1.02 and I think...why??

  26. Once the website and the Robo Wallet will be released...price will go up a lot! and in few weeks we'll be there (for the website, it could be this week!)

  27. Hope the new website will be hyped as hell!!! Put in 15-25K from the marketing wallet on advertising I’d say!

  28. Polygon is indeed a second ETH layer. I personally like the poly platform and fees are bassically not there, along with fast processing.

  29. I think Poly was considered, but haven’t heared anything lately.

  30. Regarding the donation. I’m not sure what amount we are twking about but I’m guessing somewhere in 50K - 100K range?

  31. VY, you highlighted that were called robo global investment PTE LTD. That's the name people want to see on exchanges. My main reason for the INU hate is exactly what you just said. Their are so many different inu coins it's insane.

  32. What was the "coin" they dusted you with? Scammers have been hitting up LUNC wallets with hundreds of thousands of """LUNA""", myself included

  33. Several, Rotomico, Pikatec, ZP, Doic.

  34. For every dollar sold there's a 10% tax. From that, 3% goes to holders as reflections and 7% to marketing wallets.

  35. Correct. The dead wallet holds 41,7% atm.

  36. I think the amount of 0s stops tier 1 exchanges being interested in listing coins like Robo.

  37. Disagree, zero’s they don’t care about. Mcap, that is what is interesting for them and volume. They earn based on volume. In addition the Tier1’s almost always want to see a product and utility.

  38. To be real with you it's gonna take many years for even 10 trillion to be in crypto UNLESS it's hedge fund money and then they'll further ruin the asset class by pumping and dumping like they do with stocks. They already turned defi into a class that follows the stock market when it was supposed to be a hedge against the market. And hedge money will just go into btc and eth and Solana etc. The altcoins will receive a little support but it will be spread evenly over them all UNLESSSS the robo wallet comes out and kills. If it does what it's supposed to do properly and gets corporate support then we will have a rocket ride. I've shilled my heart out all over social media for rbif but sadly it's gonna take some celebrity support to make a difference because apparently people don't do anything with their money unless elon musk tells them to. Dude is brilliant but he's quickly become a cancer on society growing more narcissistic by the day.

  39. Fully agree, without exposure the best product will not win against a mediocre product that had support / marketing etc. Which sucks, but it is how it is.

  40. Agree, will bounce back any day now

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