1. Funny that this will end up making around the same as Shazam but with twice the budget after The Rock basically put Shazam on the side.

  2. At this point 400-410M would be it's best scenario.

  3. If he earned 31 dollars all day he ain’t do much driving at all. I make that in 12 miles. My car takes 30 dollars and gets me 300+ miles.

  4. Is not about that. He is working, spending gas and his time. His money should be there.

  5. The movie that should have cost 150 million to make but The Rock and his crew gave themselves a big check.

  6. The hard part isn't making the plan, it's sticking to the plan. To push through the Thor 2s and Iron Man 2s/3s, learn from them and keep going, rather than "oh, that didn't work, guess we better pull the plug on everything again" or "Hey this prima donna director has a whimsical idea, let's throw out what our market wants and do that instead".

  7. Add Love and Thuder to that list. They probably expected that film to perform a lot better.

  8. He can retain the Universal the 1st night and lose the WWE Championship the 2nd night.

  9. I'm rooting for Batista for this. Dude has been in multiple movies already and plus, he's a close friend of Gunn.

  10. The last “Harry Potter” film was a year ago, the last DEDICATED Superman movie was 9 years ago. Zaslav smoking some good shit

  11. Under or over for next Superman solo movie to gross $668M?

  12. Henry Cavill starts filming a Guy Ritchie spy war movie in January. For reference point, Guy Ritchies last movie The Interpreter was also a war movie and it filmed just from February 14th to March 31st, a mere month and a half. Man of Steel 2 could be filming in March.

  13. Still baffles me this movie cost 40 million more than Aquaman. The Rock's paycheck was probably huge.

  14. Don't understand how Black Adam cost 200 million but Aquaman cost 160 million. The Rock's paycheck must have been monstrous. Of course James Wan is known for doing a lot with little money but still insane.

  15. Superman caused an international incident in BvS. It would be dumb to send him overseas to straight up fight Adam and get caught in yet another international incident. The JSA's main focus was to contain and capture. Superman and Black Adam fighting would have caused big casualties. At the end of the film she was able to lure Black Adam to a more isolated part of Kandaq. As far as how she communicated with Superman is possible she used a frequency that only he can hear. Lex Luthor has done it in the comics. I think the real question is what favor does Superman owns her or maybe she will own him a future favor if he takes out Black Adam? 🤔

  16. Yes he will However the budgets will be in four tiers, that’s why Peter Safran has been brought in, he knows how to make a successful $80-95m comic book movie, SHAZAM and $180-200m movie Aquaman Zaslev will give them a mandate and expect a full ROI

  17. I hope they fight after Black Adam fights and beats Superman [+]

  18. Black Adam really got the best suit between the two

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