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  1. If we lose two zeros, I'm building out a mining farm, prospect up some digital gold.

  2. Exactly! You are filling your great great great grandsons wallet so he can be on a mission to spend it on hoes and fast rovers in Mars.

  3. You don’t represent this sub very well at all, you are disrespectful and immature. If someone is asking a question because they have a concern then it should be answered with encouragement and not with a shame filled response.

  4. But what if they were native American, this it would have been a four winds symbol?

  5. Yo, woke up this morning and chocked on my coffee dam near when I checked the gecko. LFG πŸš€πŸ˜

  6. Got in when it was around 350 plus holders;.. let’s go

  7. Didn't you read the website? It's the first currency on Mars! I just bought a hooker and blow on Mars yesterday after I flattered all the tires on the US rover. Good times! That's utility, my friend!

  8. Hell ya, so I can buy some more at 14+ πŸ˜‚ buy high, sell low my guy.

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