1. Both of them are increasing peg tokens On day 1 both statom and sejuno were 1:1 to atom and Juno and now you can check the ratio again both 1 sejuno and statom are more than 1 atom and Juno. that is what's happening to the compounded rewards they are increasing the staking derivative tokens peg.

  2. You have not described wynd dao completely they have a lot of products in line . First of which is to launch a liquid staking protocol

  3. Hey, I'm not very optimistic if I'm to be honest. So many projects pop up and fade into obscurity. Only time will tell of these guys manage to make an impact. I'm all in on juno however i think cosmos will be a big player going forward and juno is poised to be a key component of the ecosystem. But like.. are you THE Nick Diaz? I'm legit fangirling at work haha

  4. Hey many projects do pop up and fail but the difference here is the team behind wyndao Is confio tech, creators of cosmwasm and OGs in cosmos space that's what makes me believe wynd has a very good shot to be successful .

  5. They have launched stkATOM on Eth before these noob projects built anything of use. pstake has launched staked ETH & staked BNB as well unlike other teams. Team is more experienced as well.

  6. Different execution layers simple One is cosmwasm with rust and go one is evm with solidity

  7. I have a question about that, is a Keplr wallet with Google very vulnerable?

  8. If you are talking about creating a keplr with your Gmail then yes it is not a good option please don't do it.

  9. Thank you. Currently my tokens are staked with three different validators in differing amounts. Does the rebalance add or subtract tokens from validators until they are all equal?

  10. From what I saw the rebalance balances the stake according to the validator rank so a lower ranked validator gets more stake distributed as compared to the higher rank when you use the rebalance thing.

  11. Will the airdrops automatically show up in my Keplr wallet after I connect the wallet

  12. Some are automatically drop in your wallet and some of them are claimed manually. Just import your wallet to keplr with the seedphrase

  13. Yup overhyped it's just the consensus layer that changes the execution layer is still evm and most of the eths problems are with the evm layer. If you just want a evm chain that uses POS consensus alternative for that already exists.

  14. You are eligible you just need a keplr wallet to claim some cosmos chain airdrops. You are staking on the chain not on a wallet so it doesn't matter.

  15. If you use metamask your evmos is on the ethereum network so you probably will not get any cosmos airdrops

  16. Nope it's still on evmos chain evmos is a EVM chain built on cosmos sdk so it has both bech 32 (evmos address) and a hex (0x) address that's why it can be used through metamask and keplr both. And wallets are just interfaces you are actually staking on the chain not in a wallet.

  17. You should correct it and remove keplr wallet brother with atom staked on chain. People are staking atom though keplr,cosmostation,atomic wallet and defi wallet and they all will be eligible. Only staking through cexes will be ineligible as it directly stakes to the cex validator.

  18. Yeah all good buddy. I am just stating that everyone will be eligible except cex that person should change the word hold it in keplr (majority people on mobile use cosmostation instead of keplr).

  19. You have enough evmos for now take advantage of the high Apr and start converting your daily rewards to Juno until 50Juno then try to build 200 osmo with those daily rewards.

  20. This is great news! I was just wondering if there was any more precise timeline in addition to the information found on the various social networks. Thank you!

  21. When you are selecting fees there is a option called "check estimate gas amount" on cosmostaion click on that and then select 0 fees option


  23. Does this work on Juno, Osmosis, kujira, etc... already?

  24. Both chains need to have ica in order to contact each other if osmosis enables then it can do it with Juno

  25. Cosmos doesn't support smartcontracts. Cosmos hub is a separate chain built with cosmos sdk that is security focused and doesn't have smart contracts. there are other block chains built with cosmos sdk that have smartcontracts . The chains that currently support permissionless SC are Juno,scrt,terra,evmos and some chains are permissioned like osmosis and injective.

  26. Go to mintscan check if you have any grant txns you might have turned on restake but forgot about it or you might have already claimed and compounded and forgot about it just check your txns

  27. You should be doing around 5000 evmos if you did 5000 osmo both have same inflation model

  28. Are you saying that there will be a private sale in September in which I can buy a lot of AKT? Or that a lot of AKT previously bought in a private sale is going to be unlocked in September, and the price will probably dip as the people holding those coins sell a bunch, so I should wait till then to buy?

  29. Previously private sale tokens will be unlocked but we can't tell if it will dip or not that's why suggesting to keep buying little amounts if you want to buy.

  30. Did not know ROSE was on Cosmos....where? I did read that ROSE just formed an agreement with META but do not know much about it. It has probably been why ROSE has risen in price so much recently....

  31. If anyone needs to know where the channel number comes from just go to mintscan→ibc relayers and you will see different channel numbers for different chains

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