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  1. So I did a little looking on YouTube one day for a basic fundamentals of prone/bench shooting video and couldn’t find much. Do you have a guide that you would recommend?

  2. I’m about to take off for work - I’ll see if I can dig up my “hey, I suck at this, please help me” post from The Hide as I learned modern (versus traditional) positional marksmanship.

  3. Yeah it’d be very much appreciated because most of the things I do are just things I’ve found that work for me and not necessarily the best way to do things. Admittedly I have never shot long range and only ever shoot my 22 and ar at 150 yards max. Nevertheless I would like to know the correct way that I need to be practicing

  4. My apologies... having a damnable time finding "my" thread. However, here are some resources I've been referred to in the past...

  5. Damn, dude, save some for the rest of us…

  6. Out of curiosity, how many rounds did it take to get it that toasty? Seems like it would take a good few…

  7. Well, it was a .30-06 and I’m impatient. A hot Georgia day and around 20 from an already warm barrel was enough. I was testing different factory ammo options to get a rough idea on velocity and if the rifle had a preference.

  8. That’s pretty wild that it heated up that quick. Totally understand it’s a lighter weight barrel, but I wouldn’t think 20rds would get it that toasty lol. Thanks for the info!

  9. It was certainly a surprise to me. I didn’t set out to destroy a piece of gear, heh. I wasn’t paying any attention to cadence of pausing between groups… oops. Even so, that rifle would print 150 grain and 165 grain SST Superformance into neat little groups.

  10. I'm not beating you up, just curious as to what knowledge is gained by using 0.1 grain increments. Consider this. The 40.4 load gave average results and the 40.5 load was great. Even if the 40.5 grain performance can be replicated, a change in conditions is probably going to result in that load not being so great either.

  11. Running .1 grain jumps actually hurts you because it wastes time and components when you’re trying to find a load that’s stable across slight variations in charge weight.

  12. I see a 2.24” average - about expected for that platform.

  13. In general how good are AI rifles compared to the top of the line Tikka, Ruger, Savage, and Howa rifles?

  14. Accuracy International has an interesting history and a well established legacy. There’s no denying that some of the price is derived from that success. What has always made the AI series special is the ground up, purpose built design - they came on the scene at a time when your only other real alternative was a custom built rifle. You won’t find a “normal” rifle in their catalog. You won’t find a lightweight hunting gun in their catalog (well, I guess you could argue all of their rifles are hunting guns… but, they’re still not light!). Long range precision is what they do. They have done it consistently and, while not without problems, AI are high quality guns.

  15. Way to ruin them by starting them off with an AI, heh.

  16. If you don’t know the difference between cavort and cajole you ought not attempt the use of either.

  17. I'm no long range ace and I'm here daily reading and learning, but how did you arrive at 25 Creedmoor? I'm not sure I was aware that this was a thing but color me newb.

  18. In terms of exterior ballistics, .25 Creed is the hands down winner of the family. If you handload and you’ve got Berger money, this is what you run to throw a bullet with a G7 over .3 at over 2900 fps from the muzzle.

  19. Is it a .308 casing family? More specially can you do a barrel swap if running 6 creedmor to change to this?

  20. Yup - 30 TC / Creed standard case, .473” bolt face. You’re G2G with anything already running a standard short action cartridge.

  21. Yeager was a popular dude, but regarding the 19 as the Goldilocks choice GP carry gun was (is) common.

  22. .223 REM in a rifle with a heavy barrel and 1:8 twist or faster. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.

  23. Should anyone have the option not to pay child support for children that aren’t theirs? Pretty obvious answer to that question, I’d say.

  24. What other race is your kid going to be? Alien from that time they abducted you?

  25. Romance. Stop pushing young people into relationships, especially marriage, because that’s what they’re “supposed” to do.

  26. You’ve got some growing up to do. There is no circumstance where, as a functioning adult, you let other people have that much space inside your head for free. Ruined your day? Ruined your desire/excitement for a new gun? Come on, man.

  27. Capped turrets. Target turrets. Locking turrets. Low profile. High/target profile. Lots of ways to describe different types of setups. Locking turrets are just fine for what you want to do. A capped windage and locking elevation turret would be fine too (hold for wind, dial as desired for elevation).

  28. Capped turrets are the phrase you're looking for, not Fixed.

  29. LARPing is what it looks like… but, guess it could be work… against the bean militia and their allies.

  30. What do these mean? In Australia we call it “goofy” stance and regular stance.

  31. He’s talking about the angle of your feet relative one another and the board’s short axis.

  32. I started duck, went more neutral on the back, more positive on the front…then just said “f- this, if I’m fakie/switch longer than it takes to get my board back the right way around, something’s gone wrong, full on positive it is.” It’s SO MUCH NICER for bombing steeps and carving. I’m not a park/pipe guy, never have been, so I don’t need a board setup for that.

  33. Oof… that boarder is trash and, because the internet is forever, will always be remembered as such ;-).

  34. Figure out what you want and buy two of them. Of those you listed, the Walther or the CZ of your choice would be the go.

  35. Can’t raise fragile adults without taking risk away from kids - important “progress” here.

  36. Looks like a bully getting exactly what he deserves.

  37. *except for the M1 Carbine, which still wins the firepower-per-pound fight to this day.

  38. Lol it does. But seriously: there aren’t many 5lb rifles delivering 30 rounds at 1,000lb-ft each. It’s still impressive.

  39. Yeah I get pretty dang close before I even hold my breath, but then to get right on I hold my breath. I agree there is a good amount of it in my head.

  40. I think that I overthink it too much. I always try and set up the perfect shot, so I don’t ever shoot until i feel like I’m dead on, so I do take longer to shoot between shots

  41. A big part of good technique and proper setup is investing ahead of your first shot. Resetting the gun shouldn’t be much more than running the bolt and breathing if you’re shooting supported.

  42. The difference between .308 and the -06 is range, not suitability. That’s doubly true if you use factory ammo and it’s all 165 - 180 grain stuff anyway.

  43. Aaaaand, now you’re addicted, RIP to your wallet.

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