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  1. How should I get a business address or phone number?

  2. The only way around it is to buy a virtual address and a throw away landline number. This is what i’ve had to do - it costs me £50 for 6 months to register a hot-desking/virtual address and phone number which i can use rather than giving away personal info

  3. I’m pretty sure you’re being banned because you’ve provided no contact info or address on your website. I had this issue a year or so back, once i added contact details on my footer i was able to advertise again

  4. Grass is FULL of smells. You aren't going to be walking them on the leash on a lawn in a real life situation as often as something like a sidewalk.

  5. Thank you, this is really useful. It’s hard as my area is basically just busy roads and sidewalks with grass. I might need to try and find some pavement with little distractions nearby.

  6. START DAY ONE! Asap! Pulling is a behavior that gets self reinforced from day 1! The earlier you stop it, the easier it will be to have a dog politely walking on leash. If I ever get another puppy I will be starting strict loose leash walking from the day he comes home. I'm currently experiencing a bad puller and it is not enjoyable at all. Really difficult to train him not to pull now.

  7. Thank you, so should i start this outside from today even though he is more interested in this new environment etc? I ask because when we’re outside he ignores most commands because everything is brand new to him

  8. too bad waybackmachine.org and google’s cache takes a copy of website history…

  9. Thank you so much for this post, I've found it very helpful and also reassuring!

  10. Aw congrats on getting your furbaby! They are such hard work but worth all of the effort. It sounds like you have nailed the crate training with your pup choosing to go into the crate on his own now, that’s brilliant

  11. Congrats! All great tips here and sounds like a ton of progress for 9 weeks. Our golden is now a year and a half and things get so much easier, so keep it up.

  12. Thanks! Sometimes i can’t wait for him to get out of the puppy stage, but every few days i realise he is getting bigger and he’s getting harder to pick up. So i’m trying to cherish the time i have with him being this small because he will get big where i can’t pick him up and give him those pup hugs.

  13. He needs more physical/mental stimulation. Get him outside for quick 15-20 min bursts every 2-3 hours and stay 100% engaged in play both physical and mental. Goldens are hardwired to be super active and need that physical/mental input. Downtime behavior in the crate should improve A LOT once you start tiring out the pup.

  14. Thank you so much! i’ve been taking him out on the leash around the garden and it has helped so so much! thanks :)

  15. Hey! Are you able to differentiate his crying sounds? There is whining for attention, and then there is crying/whining because he feels unsafe or uncomfortable. You do not want to ignore the distress crying as that's the fastest way for them to form negative associations with the crate/pen + they may think they cannot depend on you for safety.

  16. Hi there, thank you so so much, this was everything i needed. The leash idea is such a great one - so simple but so good for keeping him under control with having to crate him all of the time. Thank you!!

  17. Use server side rendering as much as you want - it doesn't have to be dynamically handled for bots. Sites use it in various ways, it depends a lot on your infrastructure & developer resources. My recommendation would be not do focus on dynamic rendering, but rather to use the server-side pre-rendering to speed up the site overall, and to make sure that it also works for search engines. Give your devs access to search console, verify ownership of a dev/staging site, make it easy for them to test the SEO side, while using their usual tools to check the rest.

  18. These are some great tips everyone, thank you so much

  19. The bar on the green at williams green is generally a rock / indie type vibe on an evening. We had great fun there in 2019, wasn’t sure if it was the same this year though!

  20. They should have came in the same envelope as your actual tickets, ours did… maybe worth messaging them!

  21. Stereophonics? They’re touring atm and there’s a gap in their touring schedule

  22. NTA, she sounds awful and someone needs to put her in her place. Sounds like she has no respect for anyone including her new born baby who she was planning on calling “chlamydia”, is she serious? She sounds like a total cunt so imo it’s justified

  23. It all depends on genetics. Unfortunately, many many people do not realize that there are two types of goldens…field line and show line. Field line dogs are bred to run and retrieve in icy cold water for hours on end. They do not typically do well in “pet” homes. They need some sort of consistent job to be good companions. The “show” line flogs tend to be on the calmer end for a golden, but they are still a retriever who needs exercise and consistency to be a well rounded pet.

  24. thanks for this, maybe i haven’t asked the breeder enough questions. Is it worth asking if the golden will be a field or a show line dog? Is there a way of knowing this?

  25. I would define success as being able to live comfortably, doing a job that I enjoy. I’ve worked in jobs i’ve disliked before and it’s mentally draining even when you’re not physically there - worrying about holidays being over, not being able to enjoy weekends because Monday i’m back at work doing something completely soul destroying.

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