1. Im potentially firing up warren and bam knight this week. It’s Hail Mary time.

  2. Hail Mary on a must win week for me too! Gotta love fantasy !

  3. What do you mean by “needs his due.” What do you want to happen?

  4. added to the masthead. It's pretty clear the ask.

  5. It’s not clear. Hence why I asked. You can’t just tell me?

  6. That’s literally the opposite of what they mean by rookie wall lol

  7. Want to drop so bad. Don't know why I can't seem to bring myself to do it.

  8. Probably not good enough as a WR yet. Knowing the playbook, route running, blocking, etc.

  9. Because he's a smart player and a top tier passer. He was going to be fine even if his mobility took a hit. Mobility is like 95% of the reason why Lamar is even a viable QB.

  10. Eh. Daks game isn’t as good without his mobility. He’s soooo much better when he’s in the move. Cowboys fans (including my myself) wish he used his legs more often but he’s often skidding too.

  11. Used to be Darcy for me but I enjoyed her scenes in WV

  12. I’ve been here before, I’m ready to have my heart broken again!

  13. Nah bro, this year we have a secret weapon: Eleven from Heaven!

  14. We’ve had talented rosters before. I don’t trust the FO or coaches to get them ready

  15. Y’all say cowboys fans are the most obnoxious and cocky fans but then post and support this nonsense. You can’t have it both way fuckers. If we’re annoying and cocky, we’re gonna let you know why!

  16. Fix the AFC East. I believe they’re only a game behind us.

  17. They have 29 wins. We have 32. Also, what do you want me to do? Go back in time and make Usain Bolt run slower??

  18. Exactly. Close. Idk, use a more accurate picture? I

  19. Facts, and Ive been saying it for years. Dude has 4/5 games a year that fill up like 80% of his numbers and for the rest of the time he’s at WR3/4 production. Its telling that he has NEVER come up in any of those posts about interesting reception/yard/td streaks that every other top3-5 WR has at some point in their career.

  20. It’s such an odd habit. I wonder if away games ruin some kind of pre-game ritual. Or being away from family. But to have it be a consistent thing, there has to be a reason to it.

  21. I liked it. It was just a women being silly with her friends. As if girls or guys don’t actually do this in real life to be silly. It’s a comedy, and not all the jokes are gonna hit with everyone. I

  22. Why Dallas though? You would need to travel almost 1,500 miles from Buffalo if you'd ever want to see a home game... You said you barely spent any time there, so I'm assuming you moved near Dallas, which would make sense

  23. Maybe his family before him liked them. Maybe he liked a certain player when younger. Maybe he chose them because their colors. I don’t think it really matters why or how you become a fan of a team.

  24. I always thought the concept of not rooting for your home team was really strange. Especially if you instead root for the direct rival of your home team. Cowboys fans that were born and raised in the Philly area are just straight weirdos

  25. I disagree. Most of the people I’m around don’t like the local team. I’m from upstate NY. My two best buddies like the Niners and Steelers. Then there’s a few Vikings fans, Buccs fan, Titans, Miami. Saying that my brother in laws family is all giants.

  26. I thought about that, but there wasn't anybody I felt was worth it. I have Diggs, DK, and Kirk as my WRs. I tried to get Hill, Lamb, Brown, and Chase during the injury but it didn't pan out. I really wanted to snag Jefferson but that was a stretch lol

  27. Damn I would think a Andrew’s and Kirk or DK combo would have gotten you a top guy.

  28. True. My one league there’s usually 12-15 trades a season. Other leagues, it’s like pulling teeth.

  29. I think the large white headed eagle looking logo might be a dead give away

  30. Pickett was just the highest graded PFF QB last week against the Colts.

  31. I mean Sutton having a bad QB situation doesn’t make Pickens situation any better or worse

  32. It makes his ranking relative to Sutton (OP’s initial point) confusing is what I am saying. They have equally shitty qb’s and Pickens has been as or more productive.

  33. It's not possible to roster 2 valuable TEs and also have smart team management. If you have 2 valuable TEs you should have traded one of them to upgrade another position by now.

  34. Eh Depends on your league. But generally yes. In my one league it 12 man with 2RB, 3WR, and 3 flex. So if you get lucky to have 2 good TEs, it would make for a solid flex 2 or 3.

  35. The only time it’s remotely ok to stash a kicker is when you have the absolute best one and he’s on bye. Otherwise they’re all replaceable and you’re wasting a bench spot.

  36. Agreed. Some weeks I actually don’t pick up a kicker until the late games on Sunday. I pickup handcuffs or ransoms and drop them of their starter doesn’t get hurt or if they don’t do anything.

  37. There is a brief window of time when players go to free agency and waivers finish processing. Players for whom claims have been submitted remain locked, but players with no claims go to FA.

  38. This is the answer. This is what I do every week. It’s not cheating at all.

  39. 30 year old OBJ coming off his second ACL tear will not make or break a teams offense.

  40. Obviously not. But this is how good teams win championships. By adding some pieces or players that can contribute in different ways.

  41. Good to see Washington may be coming back, but the bigger news is Smith coming back, so we can move our other Smith back to Guard!

  42. Yup. I’m excited to see Tyron back at LT and move the rookie at guard.

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