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  1. Everytime I go in here for a piece of pie I end up walking out with the entire pie. Elias is the king of upselling and a Toronto icon. Protect mystic muffin!

  2. Hahaha he’s done this to me too… used to work near there, so I’d get a few pieces a week. During the pandemic, I only have been in twice… both times “good to see you! A piece of apple cake… why don’t you need the whole tray, we’re closing soon, yeah?”

  3. Small, older white man with a beard at Bloor and Ossington. In 2006, he would be in the subway station, telling every girl to smile, and asking for change. He smiled at everyone, and was generally cheerful. Now, I see him sometimes at Dufferin and bloor. Same guy. Older. Never tells anyone to smile, he looks much more tired and sad now.

  4. When I lived in Toronto in 2003 there was Rat guy who lived near new city hall. His arms were covered in Rats. Nicest guy though.

  5. Quick answer- yes, good. Long answer- check the box on the heat bulb. Is it shatterproof? I’ve had a few bulbs explode when my turtle splashes. Cool water, hot bulb, glass everywhere

  6. Looks like a burn. Check how hot his basking platform is, or if he might be climbing on a heater… I could be wrong

  7. I’m surprised by the texture of the yolk. They look less like chicken egg yolk (liquidy) and more like hard boiled yolks. Also… I don’t see a cronchy shell. I don’t think this is morbid, I’m learning something here. Lots of animals eat their own eggs (or babies)

  8. Good job, it looks beautiful. Check the box the UV bulb came in. Verify what distance the bulb should be from the basking platform. Looks kind of far to me, but I don’t know the bulb, or measurements. Should be an easy adjustment with that lightstand, if required.

  9. Probably not going to happen, but I had one who did this in a similar powerhead/air stone thing… one day she went down too far and couldn’t back out because both her fins were stuck… couldn’t back out. I didn’t know until it was too late

  10. I hope all the knuckles don’t fall out… would like to see a video of this, where’s the eighth tentacle..

  11. Hard to tell how old it is. Get rid of the tiny rocks. It’s free to scoop them out. The turtle will eventually eat one and die. If I’m understanding correctly, you’ve bought it from someone who was selling a bunch of turtles on the side of the road? This is not adopting or rescuing. Do not release it.

  12. I work from home. I don’t generally wear shoes. Shoes go on, dogs run to the back door. WALK TIME!!

  13. Y'all funny, but serios talk.. I was trying to help get him out from under the filter to not get stuck there (during water change) and got so scared that I hit the acquarium.. could have been a disaster

  14. Been there. Clown loach stabbed me and I yanked my arm out of the tank, elbowing the glass lid. Scary

  15. “We didn’t order any pizza!” And he’ll leave eventually

  16. People show up in cars to look at the cool motorcycles, yours included

  17. Just a sleepover with a friend and saved from being eatin, back to hes stuff tomorow. cool stuff man

  18. Agreed. Now it’s got a cool story to tell when you release him.

  19. What’s that— like grade one and grade … nine? Ten? That’s not friends, that’s an appropriate age gap for paid babysitting. NTA. It’s one thing for your gran to mention the neighbour and introduce you, and even THINK you might be friends, but the fact that she’s pushing it, makes her TA.

  20. Yeaaa youre not supposed to be going around making friends with little kids, that’s just weird

  21. NAH. You’re right, and he doesn’t understand.

  22. Esh … bordering on Nta. Sounds like your siblings were helped more and you’re annoyed by that, rightfully so- unsure if it needed to be a blowup argument like it seems to have progressed to

  23. No. Can’t leave three dogs alone in this situation. Makes day to day life a nightmare.

  24. NTA. OF COURSE your daughters should attend. OF COURSE it can be “child free except for the bridal party AND THE KIDS DIRECTLY INVOLVED IN THE MARRIAGE”. This guy is the AH. I have been to weddings before, where families were being blended, and the kids end up with a major part in the wedding. Because it’s their family too. get rid of this guy

  25. Clearly going against the grain, I’d say NAH. If he is staying in your place, rent free, it might not be so outrageous for him to ask to stay in a different room, while your daughter is away (for any reason). Maybe he would have taken no for an answer. However, if you are sick and tired of him staying in your place, totally understand why this is the straw that broke the camel’s back.

  26. It’s really cute, honestly … but they’re all going to need their own space soon, like now

  27. NTA. Someone left a box of junk in your yard, with no explanation, and you disposed of it. At minimum, neighbour could have left a note

  28. Nta. I don’t even have to read the whole post, although I did, if you say they have horrible behavior, it doesn’t matter how they are related to you. You don’t have to invite them to your wedding

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