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This hits me right in the feels

  1. Everyone should have taken abortion legislation more seriously and it would have been ratified into laws that couldn't have been overturned. What were all those politicians so preoccupied with that safe guarding standard healthcare practices wasn't important until we realized the right to chose was going to be stripped away? Couldn't have been financially benefiting from their campaigning because they don't care about us common folk.... Easier to vilify the few people who took the thing away than the many that could have seen it come into actual law. It's awful this lady has to go through this, and the many other cases that have also been quite public. What other things are common place that are only covered by weak legislation? We better start paying attention to the laws we need not the bandaids they throw us because now look where we are. It's so sad, our country is just so broken and no one wants to agree enough to actually change it all for the better

  2. Is there anything electronic nearby when it happens? Perhaps something's manipulating something nearby. Digital voices remind me for some reason of multiverse /parallel universe stories I've come upon.

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