1. I generally avoid evening coffee - but I love affogato for dessert at least once a month.

  2. I have a tiny office kit in mine. Sure Ive only needed my stapler like twice. But I have it just in case lol

  3. There isn’t a magic number for all adults; it depends on the actual clothes and your body.

  4. Tell me more about this freezer method? I’ve never heard of such.

  5. Freezing was supposed to kill bacteria and preserve the fit -BUT- I just googled it and apparently that’s not recommended anymore 🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. I always gamify my budget. (38F, diagnosed & medicated this year, excellent credit score and decent savings when working.)

  7. I keep trying this, I have a good overview of my expenses, and my income and I've immensely improved my financial situation. (I used to always come up short due to... impulse buying..), but now i am financially stable.

  8. I’ll admit that I cannot give any advice because I’ve NEVER gone back to someone that I broke up from.

  9. I’m the ADHD lady of the house, my NT husband dated me and married me for some reason.

  10. I feel that a lot of this levels out with age, BUT some people do experience a lot of high highs and low lows forever (and regardless of ADHD status).

  11. Shark week is famous for making our medication less effective.

  12. But what about the symptoms does the med make them worse?

  13. Some folks just aren’t fun to travel with; I don’t think its ADHD-related.

  14. If that’s common, I haven’t heard of it, and I don’t experience that.

  15. Thanks for the detailed feedback. I am confident it is worsened by the Adderall, but I don't know if it is caused by it. I tried Dexedrine on the same dose for a while and the symptoms reduced a bit in frequency, but they were still present. It is definitely worsened by heat; a hot shower will trigger it.

  16. I’ve heard of others having tics, but I don’t have that experience.

  17. I take Adderall daily, because I need my brain to not be on fire daily.

  18. • Make a wishlist online and share that. Load it up with practical items; socks, laundry soap, pasta.

  19. It’s not bad it’s just not as efficient as a Prius can be. I avoid driving over 65mph (so I avoid interstates when possible) and I get 55mpg.

  20. It kind of depends on how you communicate, and whether your prescriber is trying to wean you off or not.

  21. A month or two? It was quick. My regular doctor manages my medication.

  22. Keep trying different formulations - but be prepared for the possibility of none working.

  23. My hair is up in a bun 98% of the time. I wash it before bed and wake up with dry hair.

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