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  1. I don't get it. Why is he crying,?

  2. Head to a bank and they should - in most cases - replace it and send the damaged bill out for secure destruction.

  3. What an epic dodge. Hahahaha. "Neo Horwath"

  4. I can't believe this got applause.... Astoundingly stupid.

  5. See, eventually this would just get boring af. If I as a griefer say have 4 accounts, each at 45 bucks a pop. On my main I get in my little Aurora and go grief someone, get thrown in jail and go log on an alt.

  6. Someone didn't watch Morph's video....

  7. The A2 by design is totally not OP. But what makes it OP is the ability to suicide bomb. We just need a way to prevent that, then the A2 has no issues and doesn't need any nerfing. If anything, it needs a buff of destroying buildings and leaving bomb craters.

  8. The "minimum time before detonation" is probably the easiest balance change they could make for us now while the game's still mega unbalanced.

  9. I don't understand. How do they not get laughed out of the room for asking such idiotic questions?

  10. LOL. Okay they're going to probe it, and the report will find "Yes, grocers are indeed gouging, being assholes and making hand-over-fist 'fuck you' levels of money."

  11. xD I don't know why this comment isn't higher. They're literally saying "We're going to violate the laws of physics next big generational leap in smartphone cameras! You'll see!"

  12. Lol. I guess they don't understand that glass and actual optics/light travel makes a difference in photos?

  13. I would have just started driving home without saying anything, then drop the instructor off somewhere extremely far

  14. Hahaha! I wish 18 year old me had big enough balls for that!

  15. Ive owned a home for nearly 40 years. I feel horrible for the younger generation, including my son. They need to stop speculators from ruining the market.

  16. Any of the "New starter homes" in my area are starting at close to 1 million dollars and are 4 floor ugly townhomes in the middle of nowhere with no amenities or connection to anything.

  17. I'm in the "lucky" boat where my parents had to liquidate their house because of family drama and so them + myself and brother all had to go in on a home.

  18. it makes me vastly uncomfortable how COMFORTABLE people are with posting everything about their children.

  19. What really spins me out is all the mommy and parent vloggers whose youtube/instagram/tiktok analytics all show a massive audience of middle to older aged men following their childrens' accounts.

  20. How is it different from other space sims that allow you to do something like this?

  21. It's got a sense of immersion and scale that is simply different

  22. It's always interesting to me because the only thing I ever hear about Star Citizen is how much money it has made, and how it hasn't launched. I know nothing about how the game plays or how it's "supposed" to play, only about the monetization and lack of release.

  23. Check it out on a free weekend. It's pretty fun but very unfinished.

  24. Unfortunately as a guy, I have to accept that harmless platitudes may be viewed as threatening or offensive. This is why I just keep quiet and keep my thoughts to myself. I will compliment my male friends often, even if I've only just met them, but will keep compliments for female friends for those I am closer with who know that I'm not being creepy.

  25. That is so goddamn sad. I hate that many people Think every guy is some horrible drooler who can't help hitting on everyone in sight

  26. This is how I viewed it. I didn't see it as him trying to hit on her at all. It just seemed like a genuine moment of comforting a fellow human

  27. Same here. I don't know why so many people assume that a random text just has to be fishing for something. Sometimes people can actually just be nice.

  28. We have more black squirrels in Ontario, Canada than other colours. Super interesting they're considered rare in other places.

  29. I swear I used to see more grey ones. Now I only see the black.

  30. I've got one that hangs out by my place who has a white streak down his tail. Family and I have taken to calling him 'Reid' (after fantastic 4 fame)

  31. The car is 9 years old. NINE. YEARS. OLD. He has gotten far more out of it than most ICE cars and if this issue did start under warranty, than it started over 4 years ago. Hot take; it didn’t.

  32. Don't know why this isn't higher. Nine years and we as readers don't know wtf buddy did, how he drove it, etc. At 140k guy probably drives like a massive dickwad (like all the other rich assholes jetting around in their Audis and Beamers) so I'm not surprised. Shit broke out of warranty, you need to pay for a repair.

  33. The "Mad Madame Mim" song is in my head now.

  34. Yeah apparently this was a bug, but I'm still seeing the stupid emojis too. I REALLY would like to disable shit I can't use.

  35. Huh, looked like it was still deep in construction not too long ago from the ISC episodes. Good news!

  36. A lot of offices can be rolled out in stages, plus having people on-site lets you shakedown the infrastructure - make sure all the plumbing is working, data cables working, printers printing, email emailing, etc and nothing breaks as more and more people move in while things get completed.

  37. Honestly I'm as staunchly CF (female) as you can get, and I've been approved for sterilisation but fuck I'm scared to make that call cause needles and cuts and doctors.

  38. I got my snip ~3 years back and it was a "No scalpel, no needle" style - it's 1 doctor, and the entire process from walking into the clinic to walking out was about 17 minutes.

  39. I have a cold climate heat pump. It works down to -30 which is colder than it normally gets here.

  40. Got any links or info on how to set one of these things up?

  41. For fuck sake..... Now I'ma have to wait for a real release.

  42. All of the things you listed are valid points people really don't like but also a huge point on why EGS is terrible is due to their CEO Tim Sweeny, generally just being an ass.

  43. What I had to do was go to Twitter, search for HiSenseUSA and sent them a private message. Told then abou the issue and then sent them a picture of the back of my TV that clearly shows the serial number and model number of your TV. Ask them to send you a copy of the firmware. You can them copy it to your thumb drive and they will give you instructions to manually install the firmware using a thumb drive. Pay attention to the instructions of it mentions that you have to format the thumb drive using FAT32 (If it says that). You can Google how to do that. Be persistent by asking for an update at least once or twice a day. They aren't very fast at responding... But squeaky wheel gets the grease! Good luck!

  44. Uuuugh. They just sent me to some third party repair shop for a 700 dollar motherboard. Wonderful.

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