1. The sub is very helpful but to maybe help you feel more comfortable you have his password as well so that way he doesn't look into the dark side of reddit. Giving him a leash is big move... hopefully he uses it wisely. Also this sub is a great one for him as well.

  2. I actually had him delete Reddit last night because he was looking on NSFW groups that he knows I wouldn’t be comfortable with 🙃 which is partly why I’m very hesitant on this. But history is only saved per device, not on the account. But I will look into groups, thank you.

  3. Yeah or you might want to look into porn addiction groups which seems like it might be his issue as well

  4. You have to get pay extra on the Genie+ app to see this stone.... its a 80 minute wait already

  5. Worth it. Can't wait f the spirit jersey too.

  6. spirit jersey will be sold out.... but don't worry it went into the disney vault and will be back in 10 years or so

  7. Talk to a therapist to make sure that you are okay and in the right mental space.... once you can assure you are good then explore these thoughts and feelings of where they might be originating from... you have the feelings for a reason so what are the cues you are reading that makes your gut question

  8. So lets be honest... she didn't reconcile but rug swept it. Starting the divorce for her will help her but honestly won't stop her pain. Maybe time to look into separating.

  9. Bald... Educated.... This is the making of a villain if comics has taught me anything

  10. Could you report this post? I can't. Reporting don't work for me. Right now I'm using an ancient version of RES and an equally ancient version of Firefox.

  11. When you still haven't told your dad you overwrote his Pokemon saved file

  12. When you come home from school with your bestie but your mom is sitting on your bed with your journal next to her

  13. It feels like I don’t know where to even start on the healing process. I barely trust my own instincts/gut anymore. My ability to be decisive and resolute has taken a huge hit. I really dislike who I’ve become.

  14. When you are lost I find it best to just start talking out the mess inside and see what direction you need to go from there.

  15. Go to therapy for yourself and start healing yourself... investing today in yourself is healthier than waiting for a divorce or separation or whatever magical pill to fix your marriage to come along...

  16. So here is the deal... there is never a good time to divorce. I would recommend taking whatever money or loan you can get and move to be with your family. Maybe ask them to pay for the travel expenses or even help with the lawyer fees. He will talk to her.... no he won't he will just keep this going or hide it better till you catch them again. You could afford to divorce him if he wasn't spending the family money on these other women as well so if you need to take out money don't feel bad because he is taking money away from you and his family.

  17. If that is the family rule of no cussing then yeah you should be ashamed for losing control of your emotions and breaking boundaries in the relationship and personal ones if this was a personal boundary as well.

  18. I would try talking to the people on Etsy... They are small makers that can hopefully have the capability to edit their own designs and toys

  19. The issue is... She won't remember everything that was said or felt it happened... The sex thing she should remember if it was so few but if she forgets that then she is still hiding stuff for the shame is stressing her out so in the moment she forgets. Still no excuse and from what you describe your feelings are justified.

  20. Sushi... Oishi Japanese Express (cheap and okay quality... and the cashier accent is amazing)

  21. Lots to respond to on this one, but here it goes:

  22. You could have a wedding in front of the building and it be good enough... its not the quality of the wedding that makes a good marriage but the quality of those getting married that make a good marriage.

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