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  1. Why isn't there a way to report reposts?

  2. I guess I don't understand. There's no way to shorten the pipes going to the area needed, so my thought was having a tank with hot water on the recirc line to help with that.

  3. You can do that, but that's not an "expansion tank". I think I remember reading something in my Navien manual with that idea in mind, but I wouldn't be of help there.

  4. I also have a large house. We just have two water heaters - one in the attic where there's about 8ft of pipe to each shower and one on the bottom floor for three sinks, a dishwasher, and a washing machine. My house was fancy (in the 1970s). The hot water loops are separated for upstairs and downstairs.

  5. Kissing up to the person who pays you shows good decision making skills.

  6. I made it to senior/SME level with less time in the field than my coworkers by jumping companies. Turns out your ability to do a job/contribute has nothing to do with ass-kissing.

  7. unlikely when its free software under the gpl.

  8. Your mother was shareware

  9. Hrm, I thought Pop was the gaming distro, being why I switched for the first place. I still haven't had issues gaming with Pop, though only being able to use one monitor with GSync is frustrating. But that seems to be an Nvidia issue.

  10. Pop OS is not a gaming distro. This is taken straight from

  11. I'm still not switching when there's little perceived benefit lol. Everything works and I've already set up full disk encryption. I don't want to manually set it up like I did on Kali Linux

  12. They endangered many lives themselves and distributed information indiscriminately without a filter, without sorting the leaks. That is what can be seen as a major point of criticism.

  13. Bradley Manning distributed content willy nilly. Snowden and Assange had some discretion on what they released.

  14. There's been a slippery slope in America ever since someone said "Hey, maybe we shouldn't burn witches at the stake..."

  15. I’m definitely looking forward to getting into more PT, that’s for sure

  16. Hamstring is a good choice for your age.

  17. Oh ok, thank you for that. That was really insightful.

  18. Plenty of red meat. You need iron, magnesium, calcium, zinc, etc. Propaganda about vegetarian/vegan diets being healthy is just that.

  19. I think it should be pointed out to her Dad as well.

  20. Can Ouija boards contact hell?

  21. Well he's certainly not hanging out with Elvis and Kennedy

  22. Anyone know if you can take out life insurance policies on someone else?

  23. "MARINE! Look around that corner to check if it's clear"

  24. "Congratulations, you've BSOD'd the human"

  25. Sleep is horrendous. I’m a stomach sleeper and that’s out of the question.

  26. Well, there you go. I'm also a stomach sleeper. I had to have the brace stiff, fully extended for the first two weeks (without ever coming off), and then sleep with it like that for another two weeks.

  27. The situation is bad in Iran, but certain interests want to make it worse. Because these certain interests have had a problem with Iran for decades.

  28. I've been using Ad Away for years and never had ads on Youtube. Just root your phone, bro.

  29. Honestly, it was a very smooth transition. I did the transition on my desktop. Got a new hard drive to put into my primary NVME slot and put my windows drive into the secondary slot.

  30. Different surgeons have different requirements. I had my brace on set at full extension for two weeks straight. No showers, nothin. Had to use those disposable wipes to "shower". At the two week visit, the surgeon apparently was surprised that my meniscus didn't need anything and said I could take the brace off.

  31. Well that's just plain stupid. Windows itself is a giant security hole and should never be left unpatched unless it's never connected to the internet and/or running tightly isolated as a VM.

  32. I ran the same build without Windows update from 2019 to 2022 with no issues. It's plain stupid not being able to avoid viruses/malware. The threat of "hacking" is largely overblown unless you're a diplomat or Secretary of State from 2009-2012.

  33. Then simply get rid of Windows or only run it in a VM. Its security is so terrible, I wouldn't be surprised if your system is already riddled with Trojans. Just because you didn't notice doesn't mean there are non. The malware that goes unnoticed is the only "good" malware. And no, you don't have to be any high person to get hacked. That's only true for the highest profile malware that uses very expensive unknown exploits. But the security of Windows is so bad, even in a fully updated certain you'll find enough that an exploit will be comoarably cheap

  34. Lol I have done a fresh install since then. Windows is only used for very few steam games and tools to hack LG phones. They are separate NVME drives now and windows cannot see any data from the Pop drive.

  35. And when they skip court, they'll be illegal immigrants. A good thing every city in the US makes an effort to remove illegals!

  36. Is that a really big tongue or something in her mouth?

  37. I'm just going to visualize a tongue

  38. There's a product called the Kill A Watt that lets you measure the energy usage of a given device, so you can see what to replace or optimize. I haven't used it myself. It's just a thing I've heard about, and there may be other brands as well.

  39. I'm in a house with a family of four and we use about 1800 KWH/month. Two outdoor AC units running at once (constantly) with a ~4000 sqft house.

  40. Flatpak is great for certain apps. For things like Steam and Discord, Flatpak can be annoying

  41. That's something I now know. Haven't rented since 2007 or so. And I'm rhyming to and fro.

  42. I've only rented once in Texas, but I didn't require it when I did. I rented a house, though.

  43. Some people say gender reassignment surgery at age 5 is normal too…….

  44. Something about a long-bearded fellow methed out behind the wheel of a horse-drawn buggy just seems wrong to me

  45. Star Ocean V in a nutshell.

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