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  1. I have them and they’re great.

  2. Happened to me in Temecula last month. MX as well. Maybe its the same person lol. I live in Torrance and I’ve never been to the superchargers at del amo. If i have to supercharge, ill usually use the ones in Manhattan beach mall on the way too or from work. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, the place is always empty.

  3. Those chargers down the hill under the CVS? Was there last night. Will now be the only place I go! 👍

  4. It’s off of Rosecrans in a parking structure next to the Nordstroms. Not sure about the CVS. But there are definitely many options on the way to and from torrance that avoids del amo mall. Sorry you had to deal with that. I’ve felt the same as you when it’s happened.

  5. That’s Southern California for you lol

  6. Not an issue at all! Our 16 cubic ft Thule fits great.

  7. I’ll sell mine for $20 as well. Los Angeles area!

  8. LOL! I’ll pay someone to take it 🤣

  9. I have noticed it too, sometimes it feels like why is it so warm but then it will turn on by itself. I am assuming it’s all on Auto.

  10. Yeah exactly. Gets super warm all of a sudden and I’ll look down at the temp below and it’ll be displayed as off. (The temp is muted or greyed out) so I just push the temp again to turn it back on and it’s fine after that. It’ll stay running. I’m going to see if I can capture it today on my drive to work.

  11. I haven’t had this happen. Does it go fully off or just stop blowing as hard?

  12. I don’t usually set it to auto. I typically manually turn it on. Set it to 67 and set it to 4 for fan speed. And it’s always stayed on with no issues. But now it just kicks off. Don’t know why.

  13. Two ways to clean it. Pull down the housing to clean or slide a thin silk screen cleaning cloth with window cleaner and slide left/right going upwards. I did the latter.

  14. I actually tried that first before taking apart the housing. I couldn’t wedge or slide the fabric into it. It’s pretty tight against the glass.

  15. https://youtu.be/bwJqFoqqJKc

  16. Someone needs to create modular/ hybrid wheel design that allows you to choose between yoke or semi wheel. As easy as adding the arch if you’re not in mood for yoke.

  17. I had mind installed outside by my breaker box. No issues at all.. It’s been 5 months and counting with rain and heat etc.

  18. I’ve talked to others who have added the 295s to the rear but yea, no one has confirmed the 305’s yet. I think 295s is the way to go anyways. Ill be doing the same! Let us know how it goes.

  19. Just had mine replaced after 3 months of ownership. So far it looks to be on there pretty good.

  20. All you need is to go to discount tire and order the 295s for the rear. When the arrive have them take 275s off rear wheels and put on front wheels and install 295s on rear wheels. Take your 255s and sell them.

  21. Lol! I guess what I meant was any alterations to the vehicle to prevent rubbing etc. like front wheels running with 275’s when turning a hard left or right etc.

  22. No rubbing and no additional hardware needed. I am really happy with this setup. Should have come like this from factory.

  23. Awesome! I’m following your lead!

  24. Tech told me that it is fast as hell but a very high amount are coming back with issues with overheating. Don’t be surprised he said. Easy replacement. The details are that they are liquid cooled and there is an air bubble that develops and then pops draining the fluid from the processor which = processor over heat. Bad ass processor but higher chance of getting error code with it. He said typically happens within the first 5k mikes. I’m at 2400 so hopefully no issues between now and 5k lol.

  25. How long did you have the car before you started having issues? I'm 3 months in and luckily no major issues other than the cabin camera not working well at night. Waiting on the mobile tech appointment for that.

  26. Cabin camera? The one above the rear view mirror?

  27. Looks pretty average. EPA rating is 265 Wh/mi city, 296 Wh/mi highway, 279 Wh/mi combined. You're probably just enjoying the Performance part of the Tesla a little bit more.

  28. 260-270 is what I thought I be getting or at least close to that. Was a little surprised being 300+. I wish I could drive the performance it’s meant to be driven but most of the time I have 2 little ones in the backseat. So for the sake of being a responsible parent I resist. Haha.

  29. I drive pretty conservatively. I feel like I’m eating through energy like crazy. I calculated like 3.3 miles a KW. I do have the Tesla racks but honestly noticed only a slight increase in energy use.

  30. It’s a shockingly cheap fix via Tesla. I had the same issue last year when mine was tinted. And the replacement takes about 90 seconds.

  31. Details please! Is it just a part replacement you where able to order? Is there a link to the parts?

  32. Look up husslecustomz on instagram. Based in LA and they quoted me $2600 for full ppf in a satin finish. They have worked on hundreds of model y’s. They also work on hundreds of exotic cars. 2 day promised turnaround as well!

  33. I installed with no issue. 85 works for me on that version w/ just AP

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