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  1. I call then "The Unmessybles" - You just don't mess with then

  2. If you want to appease the diehard DS2 fans (insert DS1)

  3. You used no ill-images of the hellion... Your love is pure <3

  4. Lmao, the classic Ancient Dragon yeet, my favorite.

  5. Nah man, this is just, like, the guy was on the dragon's feet (DS1 fan spotted), the dragon flew and he fell. If you want to see some real yeet I present you the Albino Covetous Demon Mega Finger Yeeter (

  6. I hope you know that i made this post with you specifically in mind. I did this to get you 😘

  7. This is just godlike. A blessing from the Dolores itself...

  8. He doesn't know about the finger of mega ejection from Albino Covetous Demon, lmao

  9. Shhhhh... Let they wallow in hate and shit. One day they may realize they're stinking and wrong and stop it. But not today I guess...

  10. 6 years ago a girl said she liked my draws when she saw one of then while I was attending her in my store. It was so unexpected and out of nowhere, yet so sincere...

  11. You know whats even worse? Iron Keep is one of the best parts of our game...

  12. "Smart and civilized" ds 2 enjoyer when they see gavlan (suddenly it's okay to be horny)

  13. GODDAMNQWDPOKQWDO (you just killed me sir, hope you're happy)

  14. I wish there was more content on Elden Ring side characters online. I just had to masturbate on text about Nepheli and Sellen :(

  15. What do you want to hear OP? With these misleading posts with 'haha horny porny haha' foundations, what do you want to hear? That they're doing nasty things?

  16. "To be alive... To walk on this earth... That's the real curse right there"

  17. Glad you got this on you instead of bashing the game and more importantly save Lucatiel have fun ^^

  18. A sense of purpose can help to stave off the memory loss from the curse, that's probably why even though Lenigrast looks like a bloated piece of Beef Jerky, he retains his memories. He still needs to look after his daughter Chloanne who is always wandering off due to her memory loss from hollowing.

  19. DS2's interpretation of the Undead Curse involves forgetting things, most notably your very self.

  20. When people shit on DS2 is always ADP, ADP, ADP. I've never seen someone talk shit about Frigid Outskirts...

  21. How someone can make a crappy video with so much quality?

  22. Disgusting. Stop posting women when you in reality gets off to that putrid scourge that should not be named

  23. Extremely Based sir, the Souls Community cannot thank you enough

  24. If every DS3 fan could comprehend the complexity of this dialog, this sub would be no more

  25. 🤓🤓"the vast majority of the souls community would disagree"🤓🤓

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