1. Better a smartass than a dumb one

  2. The idea of the app is good, my sub and I found it to be buggy where habit completion and messaging (which OP isn’t looking for) didn’t always work reliably.

  3. I don't use the messaging, but yes the habits can bug out sometimes. I have to close the app and re open it a few times for it to realize its a new day and set everything to 0 again.

  4. That’s fair. I haven’t been able to track points or punishments for my Princess at all without it. We just weren’t trusting it to track.

  5. I used to have to send my dom a snap every time I drank water, coffee, or monster and the caption would be how many spanks i owed. The problem? I have horrible short term memory and math skills so i was off a LOT of the time. Obedience has DEFINITELY helped a ton

  6. Anytime he calls me kitten outloud and not just over text, and little one. I will stay up for my nightly "good night little one" message.

  7. Then when he bans that, find youtube videos of gifs and send a link. After that you can find tiktoks. Probably won't find gifs on tiktok but you can find videos that get the point across

  8. Gum, any other food, or straws. Or i have a few coworkers who ill cover my teeth with my lips and just nip their shoulder (i dont work in an office/corporate type job so we get away with a lot more lol)

  9. This. Me and my dom teasingly throw ideas back and forth and its a fun way for us to learn more about each other and what we're willing to do

  10. Doesn't specify that they have to be on different lines. Write the sentence on the same line until it's a jumbled mess, then say you did it 100 times

  11. thank you. I’ve been trying to power through it. I’ve tried doing the things that I enjoy, trying to move on, but it makes me feel worse. I really loved him. it’s gotten to the point where my friends have needed to speak to him for me so he could actually say anything. I should be getting my stuff back Monday at least. do you know any other advice for moving on?

  12. Allow yourself the happiness and dont be alone. Ive walked around a store for an hour just to get 2 or 3 things. Being around people, but not having to talk to them made me feel less alone in a time i was hurting. If you find yourself laughing or smiling then upset because you're happy, stop those thoughts. Remind yourself that you are allowed to heal and feel better. You're going to have good moments and bad ones and it's ok to feel both. Just take care of you. You can start a new routine even if it's just for simple things like eating, showering, and staying hydrated

  13. okay. thank you so much for your advice. I’ll try that. thank you again

  14. Of course. I hope you can get to feeling better soon and back to yourself. You're stronger than you may know or feel right now

  15. The basic answer is give her punishments. Being long distance makes it harder but things like making her spank herself or edge herself with no cumming allowed.

  16. Sub here but i will say it's always a good idea for doms to test anything new on themself first whether it's a tie, toy, or impact toy. That way you know how it feels and what may be too intense.

  17. Thanks for the advice. I’ve been careful doing these ties, typically swapping in a set of cuffs with the rope threaded through the chain in place of an arm tie, that way it’s easier to get my hands free if needed, but still being similar to the desired tie. As for the youtube channel, I’ll have to give that a look, thanks for the recommendation.

  18. Im given a $20/mo allowance for toys, underwear, lingerie, etc. Whatever i dont spend i keep to save if something is more expensive. My dom is also very sweet and just gives me money sometimes for things like nails, food, gas, and outings

  19. If your cuffs have clips and you have a frame, buy another 4 piece set with clips. Cuff the frame, clip those to the other set, and use the 2nd set as the restraints. If you need more length you can add pretty much anything between the clips. Rope, chain, just about any fabric material

  20. Taking notes for once my piercings heal 😂

  21. What they said and also warm tea. Personally i love the pain the next day, it's a nice reminder lol but if it gets to be too much these things help

  22. Okay, thanks.🤗 I did gurgle with lukewarm water. And yes I love the sweet little pain too but I wanted to be sure how everyone deals with it or I'm the only one who gets pain.

  23. Pain is expected. Just like a tickle after getting your throat swabbed. Your mouth has lots of sensitive tissues so just dont be too hard

  24. I love when my sir calls me good girl or brat. Personally i take brat as a compliment. He'll call me that and i come back with "only for you" but hearing "you're such a good girl" makes me melt too. I have bratty streaks and good girl/ service sub streaks

  25. Cookies cut in a bone shape, graham crackers, the graham cracker scooby snacks. For a 'kibble' you can use lucky charms or similar cereals (without the marshmallow bits of course)

  26. To be fair it's the actors saying that, no you 😁 therefore it doesn't count. You are simply sharing cinematic culture and history and should instead be praised

  27. Yup! Saw the tiktok, sent it to my sir. His response: 'when dont i spoil you?' Um helloooo!!! Extra spoiling!! Duuhhh

  28. I loove when i mark my waters and this comes up. Definitely inspires me to drink more water 🥰

  29. You did exactly what you should have. While it may have been awkward explaining it, keeping your doctor in the know is important especially as they look after our physical well being. And I can assure you, some welts and bruises is the least awkward thing they have ever seen in their line of business.

  30. That moment when your dom has a google assistant clock 😈

  31. I just broke a month long dry spell with my dom. I had gotten my iud changed, then got sick, got better but had to wait and make sure my iud was in place, then our schedules were a mess.

  32. I used to wear a choker that said "kitten" every single day. Everyone always complimented my necklace. One day, a guy said "i like your collar." Threw me all the way off my game

  33. There is no one, right answer. Every D/s relationship is formed and agreed upon by those who are in it. It makes answering these kinds of questions very hard.

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