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  1. After the collapse of the USSR, numerous nuclear bombs and boxes of (either measles or smallpox) went missing.

  2. You'd need to be raised there, and Islamic. You need to show you want to push those affiliations on people with a similar devotion. Assuming similar to gang affiliation, you would have to join as a prospector first

  3. Dude, dont "expect" anything, and dont rely on others. Its music, its personal, your personal journey, not ours.

  4. I don't plan on using your favorites music for anything, the Post required me to say something in the subtext. I just want to see what people think about the songs in the album so far.

  5. It would have to be J: 20 as it's the only factor of 4 and the amount of babies found was plural. But yes, this is a dumb question that requires some checking by the teacher.

  6. So how did it go? Anyone have the full clip?

  7. So OP’s version is false? Simon did not buzz him out but stood up to applaud him. There is nothing unexpected in the genuine reaction whereas OP shows a fake reaction for fake internet karma. Go figure.

  8. I can stand these staged videos.

  9. okay man i get it now but before you go can you tell me how you did that with the word challenge?

  10. Keeping your condoms in a pokemon package is a great way to protect yourself from STDs considering nobody would want you

  11. Either the highest dude on earth, oldest person on earth, or stupidest person on earth is driving that car.

  12. This was after an argument in a very popular gay bar in Chicago. The person in the car left the club so that he could get his car and run over these guys in the street. I believe at least two of them died almost instantly. I’m not sure about the third.

  13. Well that's some news, and the first thing that showed up when I used this app..

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