1. They are testing it on iPad since on Xcode you have ticked the iPad checkbox. There’s no way back now, you can’t untick it and re-publish, app store will automatically reject it after upload (or even during the upload process, can’t remember).

  2. I tried using Xcode instruments, but since it crashes on startup, nothing shows up.

  3. React native creates one for you. Just open ios folder on Xcode and you ll see that ipad is ticked

  4. Figured out that Expo doesn't instantly give you the folder, but I got it, and I now see the settings in Xcode.

  5. You still have a memory leak, it’s running out of memory and aborting.

  6. Just play in windowed fullscreen, there is barely a difference, except you can exit the game from the top of your screen.

  7. fullscreen usually provides a smoother gaming experience though.. didn't know the game was this finicky about setting a higher res (its not even anything non-standard, its just regular 2k...)

  8. Huh, never noticed a difference in smoothness when switching to windowed fullscreen, but I guess it just works fine for me.

  9. They have no cell towers in Atlantic Canada. They allow you to roam on another network while in Atlantic Canada.

  10. Public mobile or lucky mobile. Public has some nice referral deals on now that can make your plan pretty inexpensive, even with their new silly points system. Lucky goes unlimited throttled (super slow but usable for somethings).

  11. Looking at public mobile, their plans look the same as any other data provider I see here, don’t really see any referral deal.

  12. Imo the dark mode is kinda childish and needs to be redesigned a bit. Also there is a problem with email input form and I can't know if I'm focused on it.

  13. There are too many colors in the dark mode scheme(like blue bg, some buttons are red, some are green etc.) and its general styling is a way different from the light mode one

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