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  1. While small proportion of renters, they could be temp residents and not allowed to own established homes

  2. Recently I've been doing a lot of pasta with different meats and instead of canned sauce I've been roasting small pans of tomatoes in olive oil with some garlic and random seasonings. 30 minutes at 400, mash them up and pour over whatever you want. It's absolutely delicious!

  3. Love this and I add fetta cheese into it and then just mixed with free spaghetti for quick bug family dinner

  4. I would copy all the Workbooks into the same folder and import the data using

  5. Yeah build a data model bro just hope you can do one to many easy

  6. That's so true. My plan would be to put whatever money I get loaned in my offset and put it in ETFs over the next year or so at prices I deem appropriate.

  7. Your tax implications might be mixed if your taking tax deductible loan to sit on non deductible offset account. Probably easier to just refinance the home loan for a specific 100k investment purpose.

  8. Thanks mate. Yes this is definitely something I'll look it in a couple years once I've paid down a bit more mortgage. I still have about $250k left on the mortgage and about 8k ahead. I reckon once I'm a good $25k ahead I might look at debt recycling for sure.

  9. Already a trend given they can out bid current foreign super fund owners with a cheaper domestic tax rate.

  10. Next time, spawn at the HQ, set up your 3 node blueprints and put down 2 AP mines, redeploy as support, drop your supply crate and explosive ammo and set up the manpower node first (after setting up ammo and fuel halfway to slow the blueprints’ disappearance), then wait for the next two supply crates to regenerate and set up the ammo node and subsequently the fuel node. If one of the blueprints disappear, redeploy as engineer and get them back up (and put down more mines).

  11. This is the way. I also tell new guys to try this with me and get the free points throughout the game on the relevant class they want xp on. Some go for it.

  12. The only good bug is a dead bug!!

  13. Samantha Ramsdell was teased and call a big bass mouth in her younger days...

  14. I bought one of the 2200x600 Acacia tops from Bunnings and slapped some legs on it, it's been my desk for about a year and a half. I haven't missed the extra depth, in restrospect it was mostly wasted space with my previous desks.

  15. Yup bunnings timber panel and ikea cupboards to sit on.

  16. This only works for business owners, so many sole traders / subbies who will never pay their own super.

  17. And as long as the home is not included in age pension calculations. The government will pay them for failing to save for retirement in the conventional way.

  18. Yep. Get even just hammer hit in and you’re golden

  19. Missed the opportunity. Any chance of a high level summary of the steps, challenges and preferred toolkits you use.

  20. Prob bill gates coz you know he can see the future and probably already has these cats under some mind control vaccine

  21. Can’t join a squad all full. Create own team. No one joins it’s just you. Meet cool blueberries. Hang out become war bros. Blueberries getting shot at. Drpepperdrinker3131 gets shot in face forever saddened at your new friends death. Never meet up with him again.

  22. You forgot that you smoked and bandaged his dead arse just before you both got dinged by a blind enemy nade...dw I saw it all and praised your devotion to my full squad of pornstars who I knew would never cum to me in my moment of need.

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