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  1. We have our own personal accounts and a joint account. Bills, mortgage, groceries, household expenses get paid out of the joint and fuel gets paid for out of our personal accounts (have our own vehicles, otherwise if we are driving somewhere together fuel is paid for out of the joint)

  2. Yup, we do this too. At the start of every month, we have an automatic transaction that transfers $X to each of our private savings accounts. We can spend that on whatever we want. Every year, we decide the value of X together.

  3. Finally sat down and ran the numbers on using my new split AC's heat pump function vs propane - it'll work out to be about 1/3 the cost.

  4. Use, it's worth it. I never eat there at full price.

  5. While Chicken Fried by the Zac Brown Band fucking sucks in every regard… I won’t turn it off if it comes on the radio when I’m alone.

  6. I work in tech consulting. It's still a buyer's market right now, not quite as insane as before, but still incredibly hot. We have a ton of open positions and can't fill them fast enough to keep up with our salespeople selling deals. On-top of that, even though we are giving 10-15% raises yearly now, plus merit increases and promotions as well, competent people are still being poached with 30% raises and signing bonuses constantly.

  7. Why do I feel like some of these daycare centers want to keep milking the parents for more money. Why can't they accept the province's money and if the costs are higher. Parents can pay the balance eg. $20 a day vs $10 a day.

  8. I think a better way might have been to give the money directly to parents who pay for childcare.

  9. I don't get Sriracha. I like heat, it just doesn't taste good to me though. Heat with no flavour is meh.

  10. It tends to pair best with Asian dishes. Try it on a mild pad thai. For my north american dishes, I typically just use Franks or Tabasco.

  11. The city will just chip it :(. My advice, just take them. You'd be doing everyone a favour including the city.

  12. I mean, did you really expect more from the Globe and Mail? Because I certainly didn't.

  13. Ukraine is staying connected partly due to Starlink. That seems like good news to me.

  14. Don’t know. I asked my manager, he said to just do it

  15. It would be good to understand why. Postman is probably the best tool on the market for simple API tests.

  16. i wouldn't wait to buy one, we could have another storm next week or next month or whenever

  17. with that said, if you keep your eye out on the flyers, generators often go on sale.

  18. It might be time to revisit the issue of underground hydro wires. If the city wants us to get off natural gas (for climate change), then hydro needs to be even more reliable than ever.

  19. Yep, I mean the plastics in the land fill are also being abraded and releasing micro plastics. So might as well use them and get it out of the landfill. Also you don’t necessarily have to use them for roads. You could make a plastic brick house, seal those bricks in dry wall and insulation and those plastics will be trapped for the life of the building.

  20. In a landfill, they are degrading into microplastics, yes... but it's effectively a sealed tomb. There is nowhere for the microplastics to go. My point is that containing these microplastics in 1 place is better than having microplastics all over the globe.

  21. Why does this post have so many upvotes? If you see troll behaviour, downvote it. I'm not saying downvote stuff you disagree with, but I am saying downvote stuff that's obviously shit.

  22. Ugg, this does look like a scam. I switched a percentage of my portfolio into ESG because the world is on fire... but if it's not going to include companies that are actually trying to solve the problem - like Tesla - I'm getting out of those funds.

  23. I think its pretty common in the business. Check out other reports on the same topic and see.

  24. Ontario's covid stats are some of the best in Canada. A lot of people say Ford fumbled on covid, but the stats are pretty good.

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