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  1. This can be accessed on the Earn tab on the CDC Defi Wallet app. You can follow the steps for "How do I start earning and stake my CRO on DeFi Wallet?" at

  2. Yea I have cro in there that's on the native network but when I click on it, it only allows me to do stuff through vvs by forming liquidity stuff

  3. That means your CRO is on the "Cronos Chain", not on the " Chain". On the Swap tab there's another "Bridge" tab, which will let you move CRO to the chain.

  4. Yeah they changed the app interface a while ago and it took me longer than I would have liked to notice the drop down button.

  5. Have to download a separate app cdc tax and then import your traditions I believe

  6. HF are destroying so much. As noted, do not jump into crypto after MOASS fellow Apes.

  7. There is still some amazing projects on crypto world, places like mmf and mmo vaults where you can earn Hella of passive income and better returns then this old stock market

  8. I'm using the mmo vaults due to the auto compounds. I believe it compounds every 30 min amd that's equivalent to 48 times a day or something I've read on people's post. But I'm in cro-mmf, mmo (which doesn't auto compounds), and then I just entered into mshare-mmf. I'm mainly in the mshare and mmf because I'm earning like 2.0% a day on my investment, and I'm earning more mshare-mmf liquidity, so I'm letting that go till Christmas and see what type of return I get. Right now on that pool I'm up to almost half of my initial investment in rewards. Then my cro-mmf liquidity pool once I get to like 1k in profits ( I shouldn't pull it out cause it ruins the algorithm for the compound) but I use that 1k as spending money to buy croking nfts and all to stake to earn cro weekly. I mean there's endless options you can do but I would like to get enough rewards to also buy at least 1 madmeerkat nft and 1 tree house then let the rest auto compound until Christmas and just see where it is. I believe in mmf. Got into mmf at 0.20 and it's sitting around 1.00 now so really good project with great team of developers. So much stuff to get in just don't have the capital at all to do it, but with my auto compounding rewards hopefully one day I'll be a big whale in something

  9. I'm using the mmo vault and have about 1k in the cro/mmf liquidity pool and have about 1k in rewards paid in mmf and 30% of that is paid in mmo i think, and been in since about January just letting it auto compound for a whole year and see how it goes. Then I got like 150 on the mmf/usdc and every month mmf and mmo as well and I take those rewards which right now is about 60 a month and turn them all into mmo and then stake that to earn wcro. Which that's the plan is to get more cro any way I can to work towards the icey white card. But I believe in mmf project just awesome people and cool to earn passive income which is what I need. I mean the coins can only go up hahah maybe. But I'm working on trying to get more mmf as well so I may start taking some profits and turn them all into mmf coins and stake those on the mmf pool and not the mmo vault.

  10. Im using mshsre-mmf and last night I was wondering am I missing out on svn-mshare. Not sure what to do happy with what I got now.

  11. Allot of people got hurt real bad with SVN since it tanked badly a couple days ago. Though I use MMF for the MMO vault, since it makes me CRO and I have an LP of MMF-CRO. The MMO vault makes me about 7-8 dollars a day in CRO.

  12. On defi app go to the app section and type and look into their mediums. They are like a hub where people bring their business to them and they lauch on the mmf platform. And it's all still on the cronos network. They offer farming and pools. You would earn their governance token mmf and when new projects come out you stake your mmf coins to get other company's coins. Like the last launch pad was a sports betting app on the cronos network that offers never losing bets. The one before that was a casino game. You can bet with cro coin and a few other if your into gambling. Tried my luck won 480 cro but then lost it all hahah. Then inside the mmf platform they have mmo (mad meer optimizer) and it's a vault that auto compounds daily I believe and you would earn mmf coins 70% and mmo coins 30%, and what I do is I have about 1k in the vault and providing liquidity of the pair cro-mmf and I started at the end of January and im up about 700 of earning. And I'm taking my earnings and of mmf and staking on to earn more mmo ,and taking the mmo and staking it in the vault and you get cro rewards for staking the mmo in the vault. Plus they have awesome nfts originally started out at a floor price of 300 cro and now about 2k cro. There's so much I could go on about but I feel like im confusing you by typing all this just go check it out and if you have any questions i can help.

  13. Just trying everything from the earn on defi app to getting more cro to mmf and mmo app to get more cro from there as well

  14. Easiest way was to send it to cdc then to defi costed 6 cro to send to cdc and 0.2 to send to defi

  15. I see what you mean to get it on the cronos network or you are having to swap it from eth network to cronos or therfor going to need some eth for that. I think I'm try to send it to cdc app then to defi wallet that way in hopes that it converts it for me

  16. When you sent them did you hit receive in the defi wallet and select the eth network cause im working on the same thing now on transferring from coinbase app to defi wallet

  17. Easiest way was to send it to cdc then to defi costed 6 cro to send to cdc and 0.2 to send to defi

  18. How do you see of you got one im not seeing nft buttom on my cdf app

  19. Always write down the code my friend. Every wallet has a special code but in order to connect cdc to the defi yea it is done through the app but to recovery your defi you need that seed phrase and you can't hook up another defi wallet to your cdc account only one per account.

  20. Maybe someone will have an answer for you. You haven't giving your special phrase away have you.

  21. Do you use the coin app to redeem the the coins on the app for xyo

  22. I know it's different but my cb card it took 7 days for it to clear it all depends on the places. No worries it will come

  23. Oh ok well Mmfinance offers 3% extra apr on the mad meer kats when staking your nfts on the farms and liquidity pools and on mmoptimizer you get 3% per mad meerkat and can staking up to 5 per farm and liquidity pool so 15%. And they are one platform out of many that do that. Don't have to be salty

  24. Thanks for the video I'll check it out im not downing eth by no means eth is the true leader of the pack.

  25. I’m using “Finland (tree emoji) | 0% fee” as the validator. Uptime was like 99% I think?

  26. No dont just wait if you swap validations you have to wait 28 days until you can do anything else with it. Just give it a few minutes ill look

  27. While I don’t recommend switching validators, especially from Finland which is great, your information is wrong. You can switch validators w/o the 28 day unbonding. Just hit the 3 dots in the right

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