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  1. I heard there is already looting in downtown Detroit.

  2. Many places sell them, even Petco. This one is from a local fish store in Tampa. I have plenty of juveniles that I am giving away for free.

  3. what a nice petco. the petcos here in california have pretty common fish

  4. I have even seen Red Devils at PetSmart but rarely. I bought my first one in a mixes South American Cichlid tank having no idea what Red Devils were yet.

  5. Beware! Cichlids can breed easily so you might get over run with babies like me.

  6. I dont know what I'd do with all the babies but that would be so neat! I'm hoping he'll stay away from the pleco, especially since he's still pretty young.

  7. I think you will be fine, it can help when young Red Devils are raised with other fish from a young age.

  8. What do you feed them? I'm seeing everything from flakes to pellets, and fresh veggies. A little bit of everything? Do they eat live minnows? So many mixed answers on websites.

  9. The younger ones (for me anyhow) are less picky. My two adults do not take the Hikari cichlid pellets but I feed flakes, algae wafers, river shrimp, sinking pellets and frozen brine shrimp cubes to the babies. I have never tried love feeders but I bet they would eat them.

  10. I love the look at neon tetras in a natural looking tank like that. Certainly room for a school of neons and some larger tetras too.

  11. I do two water changes a day, and feed three to four times a day, it’s not exactly super fun, but it gets them big pretty quickly!

  12. I prefer doing two 50% rather than one large one, but the cleaner the water the faster the growth in my experience

  13. I should be changing the water more often in my fry tanks then and see if it helps. Did you want the goldfish to breed or catch you unexpectedly?

  14. I'd say it's worth it. There's a lot of bs you have to deal with, either behind the scenes or the store not doing their part, but you will get a significantly better raise than store dhs get ( I got almost $4) and you will keep the best schedule at the store level. Just be ready for everyone to complain to you, both your team and store people not understanding what you do.

  15. I knew somebody that only had a 50 cents raise to become a MET supervisor. 🙄

  16. I posted several months ago about the stray cat in my area, who was using the outdoor cathouse I built him, to see him through the winter. Now we are heading into spring, and this is the view from my bedroom window that greets me most mornings when I wake up.

  17. I recently trapped a young adult male cat to get him vaccinated and neutered. I feed him and pet him. He tries coming inside with me but I can't have an indoor cat. It breaks my heart because he is so sweet and adorable.

  18. Fun fact. The latest Forester gets about the same mileage as that.

  19. My Forester is old. I do a mix of city and highway driving and usually average only 21/22 miles per gallon.

  20. Which isn't much better than a Wilderness.

  21. A few years back I had air conditioning installed in my 1992 Miata and it killed my mpg. Living in Florida without AC was rough though.

  22. If you can't find any takers maybe they can help at Eddie's Aquarium in Latham and take him. Handsome fella.

  23. Thank you! I just called and left a voicemail.

  24. I used to like shopping there when I still lived up that way. Hopefully someone can give him a nice home!

  25. How is that little fella doing? My Red Devils keep having babies, they reproduce so easily!

  26. This is so cool! I love that cartoon! Did you make the props yourself?

  27. I was just going to ask that, they look great.

  28. So genuine question: What will unionizing actually accomplish? I’m not pro or anti at this point, like I understand the sentiment, but Ik a bunch of coworkers who say that the union they were part of at Food Lion did nothing but take $50 a month out of their paychecks.

  29. I can't imagine unionizing will actually happen but if so I need to think that store would need a whole new set of s.o.p.'s drawn up that only pertain to that store regarding procedures, sick time, vacation, raises etc. I bet the first thing to be discussed would be cost of living raises.

  30. I mean I work at a store in a fairly affluent area and we’ve gotten three cost of living raises this year alone.

  31. Holy cow three cost of living raises this year? My store has had one raise last year and one this year. Next raise is August of 2023.

  32. We just started bringing out our Halloween stuff

  33. Really, this late? Our has been up a month now.

  34. I bought a cheap piece of metal at Home Depot and a few nuts and bolts to reinforce a broken tank support. Holding up fine so far.

  35. Actually it’s Find Inquire Respect Solve Thank FIRST.

  36. Actually it's "stop, collaborate then listen".

  37. Ti plant (cordyceps) and monstera. They're pretty hardy, but tropical, so need to be inside when the temp dips below 50 F.

  38. I dipped below 50 at night many times this past winter at night but luckily my monstera survived. It did damage a few leaves when I was 31 degrees one morning brrr.

  39. Damn they all look alike. I would swear this is Stockton, CA Feather River Dr. location.

  40. I see Sabal palm trees in the background which are native to the southeast United States.

  41. Hopefully it gets saved and not damaged after the season is over!

  42. I use Flex Seal. I find it easier to work with than silicone plus old Flex Seal will bond with new Flex Seal in the event you need to patch a small leak in the future. You cannot just patch up a leak with old and new silicone.

  43. People will say I am nuts for this but when I buy used tanks I scrape out the old/damaged silicone and reseal with Flex Seal.

  44. I would probably do the same. Wouldn't trust it. These are both new from petco. This one that leaked was only 3 months old.

  45. Yikes! Leaking after only three months? 😬. I bought a 20 gallon high at Petco to replace my 18 year old tank that developed a leak earlier this year.

  46. Perfectly nice tank but maybe take a little substrate out to add a little more swimming room.

  47. Best benefits...boy do they save me a ton

  48. Years back I had a coworker with a wife with a county job. He said HD had better vision coverage than her job offered.

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