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  1. Wembanyama has a higher ceiling across the board, but I think there’s quite a few skills I’d lean Chet on at this moment in time.

  2. I think so! Again, not that Wemby doesn’t have a higher ceiling in that area but it seems like he just doesn’t push the pace as much and works better in half-court offense.

  3. Does this mean the Bobbi Starr/Bree Olsen movie is canonical?

  4. Thought there was a legitimate Scooby Doo movie out there that I hadn’t seen and googled it.

  5. Lived on this earth for a cool minute and never seen ‘Carl’ spelled with a Q

  6. Thought it was visually amazing! Audio mixing was pretty original, didn’t think Harry Styles’ acting was distracting. Didn’t blow me away but kept me hooked enough.

  7. Well I am. I was luckier than most and grabbed Pitts in the 4th. Almost spent my 3rd round pick on him over Pittman

  8. Kyrie reminds me of Angela from The Rehearsal. Deadset on their own views but ignorant and flippant of others.

  9. I really, really wanted to like this because of Cregger, but it just wasn’t my favorite. Did some good stuff early, but it felt pretty slow and started just defying logic like 70% of the way in. I have a hard time believing a person trapped underground for weeks would go back there under any circumstances, much less unarmed. Long’s little campfire monologue felt rushed, the whole guy who’d been there 15 years was an odd addition, the jumping off the tower stuff just defied physics. Just didn’t feel like a stuck landing with such potential everywhere else.

  10. And not standup, but pretty much anything involving Nathan Fielder.

  11. Acaster, Fielder and Burnham are the holy Trinity of comedy.

  12. Dariq Whitehead, likely the best true wing in the class.

  13. Coming from a person that would quite enjoy a Michael win, it doesn’t sit well with me that M/B held onto this info until it benefitted their games and didn’t hurt it.

  14. The real killer being a Pete Davidson Tik Tok actually tracks

  15. Turning the TV off during Hank’s drug bust news report in the BB pilot? Maybe Walt never even gets the idea in the first place.

  16. That’s not true. It’s one of the worst lingering injuries a player can get. That’s why they were so quick to rule him out the entire season. Gotta play it safe as possible. Lis franc is a career threatening injury

  17. If treated correctly there is zero added risk of it happening again, opposed to other bad injuries. But in some cases there is lingering chronic pain or chances of arthritis. Not sure which is worse, honestly.

  18. Feel like I’ve simultaneously completely comprehended and barely grasped any of this show lol

  19. My favorite part was Nathan manipulating the child into saying he was a Jew bc he wanted the hat lmao

  20. I’m of the impression that after his not-so-good phone call with Kim that Jimmy is being reckless on purpose until he gets caught.

  21. Not in a turning himself in way. Almost in a, see how much I can get away with and see how much more fun this can get, way.

  22. Completely unfathomable how Nathan thinks of any of this.

  23. I expected there to be some Cookout talk/fears week 1 given BB23. The cookout themselves said that they expected it. And there were! I think it’s totally normal to enter that house thinking about it and even keeping an eye on it.

  24. Yeah this is the correct take. It’s not that he just brought it up, it’s that he already knows the house dynamics and is purely using it as a gameplay/manipulation tactic.

  25. Regardless of Alyssa stuff I still kinda feel like Kyle is in the power position. If LO does make it to 7 he could pretty easily play both sides with convos like these

  26. Man, they were so right about Ameerah being the “head of the snake.” I get they don’t have power, but non-LO members have like no structure or organization anymore

  27. This feels similar to when Tyler was down bad for Angela lol

  28. Always cool to see recruits getting really into the game

  29. Daaang, Indy guessed every Leftovers vote. Daniel’s worried they’ll do the same thing to Nicole. LO won’t stay secret too much longer

  30. i haven’t actually read this two part summary of joseph’s birthday because i was there and have the eye bags to prove it, but i’ve heard it’s pretty comprehensive.

  31. I’d been looking for something like this but had no luck, thank you!

  32. Michael knew he was on the bottom of the totem pole in his alliance. He wasn't there when it was named.

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