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  1. I always have a very hard time understanding why people relate stuff like this and vaccines. Wouldn't it be way easier for them to give us what ever you think was in the vaccine through other methods like water, food or even spray some shit on us ?

  2. This wasn’t fast enough, but they still did/continue to do, heavy damage -sabotage to our fertility, sexual hormones, level of fitness (weight), sickness that appear like cancers. GMO’s, cell signals, pesticides,pollution in the sky, fluorides, , sugar, smoking is not huge but look at vaping? I’d say they are doing a pretty good job.

  3. For controlled opposition his book is pretty good

  4. Hi, thanks for replying! I havent, but I looked it up on amazon with your suggestion and i’m interested in buying the book or finding a free pdf of it online. thank you so much for your kindness. i’m getting a lot of flack on here about these posts.

  5. I’m not surprised. Reddit is going to shit! Ever since I started doing white tantra I’m blowing fuses. Things in my car are breaking. Connectors to the propane tank of our trailer died. It means we need to get the energy flowing better in my body, so we aren’t blowing things out lol. What qi gong are you following? I move to a better area on the 16th so I may sign up for a qi gong or? Looking for suggestions

  6. White tantra, I’ve never heard of that - I’ll have to look that up.

  7. I think it’s just full moon around the corner. We are effected by the moon more then you know. Also there are entities all around us at all times- good and bad ones! They can try to help or hinder your process. Just smudge and give yourself your energy and move it through the body. Salt water on your chest helps too

  8. 51F clean since first weekend of June 2022! Time to find a new girl tribe!! You got this!!!

  9. Interesting how history repeats itself! Can’t they find new ways to destroy society?

  10. I like screaming into a pillow, in my car driving on a deserted road, under water! Punching into a punch bag! Also having hard core massage or shiatsu

  11. I used to like Rick until he started pushing the jab. How could someone who travels in astral think that the jab is a great idea?

  12. Exactly I believe he is a agent of some sort.

  13. Well, if you want to start with the basics... Try figuring out how to move it around and project it out of your hands.

  14. Maybe it’s heart coherence? Or possibly kundalini energy. Check out heartmath website. Go on YouTube and search signs of kundalini awakening?

  15. Fuck their shitty games. Don't feed them your energy once you have learned everything needed. When you have become aware of their bullshit sick agendas, gently start disassociating from them. What i mean by this is that keep being aware whats going on but dont read them 10 hours a day and wallow in them too much. This is holographic dream. You have power to create your own existence to some extent, how much i dont know yet. 20%, 50%, 100% , who knows. What i mean by this, try not to feed them your energy and loosh.

  16. There's a guy called Working Dragon Mystic on YouTube who says that he mainly deals with Dragons.

  17. Sandra Ingerman doesn’t teach shamanism - she teaches a superficial new age imitation that in most ways is actually the opposite of shamanism.

  18. Can I ask then when you do a drumming meditation what are your thoughts on how to journey. I was taught to (in my case I choose a tree) I enter a tree I slowly go down into the lower worlds about 10 steps go through a portal and see where I am. If no one greets me there I can go up the tree to different worlds. Is this about right. I was taught several years ago and at the time I didn’t really see any visuals. So I tried again the other night and fell asleep I want to try again! Advice appreciated 🙏

  19. I haven’t done a drum meditation yet. I have felt like I don’t know enough to actually go through it. Some of the people I’ve been watching videos on make it seem like it’s nothing and something inside me doesn’t feel comfortable yet. And now I’ve learned on here that those people are not the ones I should be listening to.

  20. Sorry I don’t mean to be rude but I was seeking the advice of

  21. Well said like you can prepare for a natural disaster sure but ww3 … you don’t prep for ww3

  22. Of course you do! Iodine tabs, preserves etc what are you talking about

  23. With what happened to the Nordstream there is a good chance. My hubby watches a lot of financial shows and even those guys are saying looks like we are heading into a war 🤷‍♀️

  24. How do you do it? Do you use a compass? Or a Spirograph?

  25. I'm sorry, apparently I was unclear.

  26. Like I said, doctors, western medical system couldn’t help with the pain and lump on my rib cage. So their diagnoses (after blood work, all the imagery ) was we can’t do anything which is why I went an eastern philosophy to solving my medical ailments. This was my first medical anomaly. So when my kidneys were acting up for years being on constant antibiotics I also chose to follow a eastern medical practice and also did some healing in mexico with vitamin infusions. So ya my diagnosis was let us experiment on you when we have no idea what we are doing. Great system! I truly hope your never sick and find cures that don’t remove body parts etc because it’s the the way to heal. We are energy and this is a machine that works as a unit. The biggest thing I can tell you is food. Doctors in western medical system have about an hour of nutrition in their training. Energy and trauma also cause illness and I have seen this first hand as a personal trainer Pilates instructor.

  27. What you wrote essentially sounds like you had a bump, the doctors told you it was nothing and would go away. You convinced yourself it was an issue, did something completely unrelated, and the bump turned out to be nothing just as they predicted.

  28. Yeah you no nothing and don’t try to tell me about my body!

  29. If I believed anything this guy said he is such a twat

  30. No, no and yes. I’m in a rural area where naturopathics are hard to come by. An Ayurvedic even more rare. Maybe I can find an online practitioner.

  31. Did you try Amanda Volmer? Did you read the book by brother sage? You could also join the telegram group called yumnaturals. There are tons of people on the forum that have done urine therapy and unlike here you don’t get ridiculed

  32. Just read Martha Christy’s book on the subject. Highly recommend it. She says to start out with a few drops! I think I found the answer to the problem.

  33. After two weeks I got really weak of urine only. I added juice. But giving a break an hour after urine then ingesting juice. Please share your finding to help the sub Reddit grow! 🙏

  34. I haven't even done it but I agree. I'm a biologist and have a deep love for science and it baffles me when my fellow scientists act so sure about what reality is. Like how can you not see that the more we learn, the more we find that we cannot even fathom! The universe is so incredibly bizarre, and there's so much we will never know. It's beautiful

  35. I had a bliss moment today. Walked to the lake to find a wall of fog. Sun came up over the trees and as the heat poured down evaporated the fog to provide a mirror reflection of the beginning of the fall colours. Who ever created this place is the best programmer in the history of universes.

  36. Yes, ANCIENT wisdom. As in from before the time of modern medicine. This isn't Ancient Greece circa 3000BCE.

  37. Everything should be questioned. Even your so-called science. Not all theory’s will stand the test of time and growth of new knowledge and awareness. And sometimes that growth is understanding that ancient theories that were over looked or ridiculed hold truth today!?

  38. Thank you for your comment. I am hoping that my intuition will serve me well, but I am also struggling to discern between I guess perhaps intuition vs anxiety ? Whilst it’s important to heed intuition I also feel that I should recognise that it can be wrong? (I think). Yet this experience has propelled me into really believing it. As a young woman I don’t want to miss out on experiences that turn out to be fine & dandy on the basis that I sense that they may not be? Though I was right in this instance. I don’t know whether that makes any sense at all. Anyway, thank you!!

  39. It’s ok to be wrong. Because when it’s right it’s life saving.

  40. Good question, if it was a dog I totally could see the dog getting all the water.

  41. Even if a dog drank there would be residual water remaining

  42. My chickens do well in the winter. We built a coop out of wood pallets. It’s sturdy and well insulated and I put tons of hay in it in the winter. I live in Maine and it gets very cold for a bit. They made it through a few -10°F (-23°C) days last winter. I have to constantly be bringing out water, because it freezes so fast. My Swedish hens don’t mind the snow, but the Buff Orpingtons seem to dislike it. They don’t lay as much in the winter here, not enough light. But they do ok. As long as they’re big enough… little baby chicks wouldn’t fare so well.

  43. I don’t know if this would bug the chickens but you could put a water bubbler like in a fish tank this should keep the water from freezing?

  44. Finland here, thanks for the ratification. Now if we only could get Turkey and Hungary on board...😆

  45. Apparently the government here in western Canada is saying that it will be illegal to burn wood for heat in two years? If anyone can elaborate on this please

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