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  1. Allow me to chime in lol. I’ve done 8 different 401k audits and will have 11 by 10/15 deadline.

  2. It was 100% premined, but that is because a PoW consensus wasn’t chosen by Jed, Arthur, and David.

  3. I use direct deposit for a portion of my check and it usually arrives the day after my paycheck arrives in my regular bank. As far as I know, the funds are immediately available to trade once they arrive in Coinbase.

  4. I’m literally on Reddit trying to get advice and people like you come and tell me it’s BS. I already said Coinbase won’t talk to me. I’m reaching here. Clearly my husband doesn’t communicate. I’ve had a shit day because of this and wish people like you would move the fuck on. Thankfully I got good advice from others

  5. Do you have access to his email? If so, you should see a notification from Coinbase for each purchase, and when it was made. It will also say when it was deposited.

  6. I got it. I’m trying to trade it for another crypto but I keep getting Coinbase has connectivity issues please try again

  7. The Coinbase debit card is already a "regular" Visa debit card and it works anywhere Visa is accepted other than a handful of prohibited merchant categories, which are

  8. Just a redditor here who skims through comments and reads 25% of what’s going on.

  9. Not sure how this got on my feed, but I’m glad it’s there.

  10. lol so many bag holders of unregistered securities. Your reckoning is coming, bitcoin ceo will be waiting to take your complaints.

  11. Guy like burger. Guy no like taco. Place no have burger. Place have taco.

  12. They’ve been saying this. Where’s the real proof and date

  13. Title is pretty misleading. He (Brian) was saying, if he had to guess, the suit would end with a settlement.

  14. It’s new SEC guidance for accounting on crypto exchanges. No need for an lmao. The SEC thinks it’s better for financial statement presentation.

  15. When you change your pretax deferral election within Fidelity, the change still needs to get updated in your employer’s payroll system. The plan document will state an expected timeline for when to expect this change to occur (i.e “as soon as administratively feasible,” or “first day of the following pay period”).

  16. Same here. Worked on my first try for this month’s bills

  17. This subreddit is a public forum. For your security, do not post personal information to a public forum, including your Coinbase account email. If you’re experiencing an issue with your Coinbase account, please

  18. Happened to me last month. I tried it about 30 times and it randomly worked. Not sure why. PayPal Bll Pay didn’t like my card from the very start (began using May of this yr). I’ll be finding out again in a few days how much of a lame-o PayPal wants to be to me.


  20. Just look at the difference in reported volume between both sites are you dumb?

  21. Goodness. How are you able to conclude that CMC is incorrect and CG is correct?

  22. No, SEC has never officially said that ETh is not a security.

  23. Go to the circus you clown. That’s the biggest headline of the Ripple lawsuit right now and also what Congress hammered the SEC for on Wednesday. Bill Hinman, former SEC Chairman, sought legal advice from the SEC’s legal counsel as to “how securities laws apply to digital assets.” What did he do right after? He publicly stated Ethereum was not a security.

  24. So my funds are safe? They are not on my account or on my ledger. Yet the transactions were correct. I have screenshots and proof of the adress.

  25. I just put the address from CB Pro to my ledger and confirmed on my hardware wallet and then press aprprove as I always do…

  26. Let me get this straight. You’ve sent XLM to Coinbase before. You put in an address, but did not put in a memo. You didn’t have any issues receiving the XLM?

  27. For future reference, couldn’t you just diagnose the issue by clicking the “fx” button to the left of the formula bar? You can click within the outermost formula and see the result, then see whether the true or false is populating, then click within the next formula, so on and so forth.

  28. For future reference, couldn’t you just diagnose the issue by clicking the “fx” button to the left of the formula bar? You can click within the outermost if statement and see the whether your answer stems from the “true” or “false” statement, then see the result of the iferror statement, and diagnose further into the answer within the sumproduct statement.

  29. Look at my post about this, the exact steps of what I did, and exact timeline up to resolution. Be proactive about it.

  30. The SEC does not define the law, it enforces it. Big difference. The legislators and courts create and define/interpret the law. The SEC is enforcing the law by applying the Howey Test (incorrectly IMO) which was developed in 1946, long before crypto existed. The question is if the SEC is enforcing a law in which it is interpreting incorrectly when applied to crypto. The courts will decide who is right.

  31. To clarify: the SEC proposes regulations governing securities AND enforces them. Their mission is to “protect investors.”

  32. First it was “Bitcoin has no value, it’s based on nothing but air, it’s controlled by shadowy super coders.” Now it’s “consumes more electricity than Norway.”

  33. I’m assuming you think BTC is superior to USD, and I think we can all agree that inflation is a big issue right now. So can you explain how Bitcoin threatens US financial dominance. How is it a solution to the financial system?

  34. Why is it that a certain degree of the objective/unquantifiable term decentralization is an issue for the XRPL?

  35. Why is it that a certain degree of the objective/unquantifiable term decentralization is an issue for the XRPL?

  36. As far back as 2019, I remember that Brad Garlinghouse had admitted grudgingly to a TV question, that their company would be making losses if not for XRP sales. So, all their 'products' were actually loss makers, and their only profit was from XRP sales. And the interesting thing is that they never mentioned any real numbers, or then people would have found just how much money they burned on their 'products'.

  37. Is Uber profitable? Do they provide a better means of living?

  38. The founder XRP is extremely greedy, he deserves to go to jail, he mentioned he want to file Ripple for IPO with SEC after lawsuit close. XRP it is security, it is centralized, not decentralized.

  39. If you’re referring to Brad Garlinghouse (the one who said Ripple plans to IPO after the lawsuit), then you’re incorrect. He was not the founder of XRP.

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