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  1. Gender abolition is cool and good, but it won't happen deliberately, but rather as the eventual result of the absence of patriarchy.

  2. It's a very 19th century European view about "civilization" and it's a psych take from Freud so it can probably be disregarded

  3. Hot take, USSR when Stalin took over became a State Capitalist system.

  4. It was already state capitalism under Lenin, Lenin even said it was

  5. Strangely enough I think Ayn Rand would actually be against the capitalism we have running rampant these days . It produces very little of value, relies and lies and deceit. Some of her main characters were people who saw things of immense value they could create in the world and sought to be justly compensated for it. They were constantly held back by incompetent people who failed up into positions of power based on their ability to navigate socially. These same people intentionally took no responsibility for anything and tore down workers and creators. Again oddly enough there are parts that are the anthem for the average worker. Our society rewards morons and greed for greeds sake.

  6. Rand had a front row seat pretty much to everything communism.

  7. Yeah her parents were aristocrats of a feudal society.

  8. The nurse under supervision of the hospital pharmacist knows how much to give you and what you're being given.

  9. Are you sure you’re not think of Communism?

  10. Well most people are heteros and the crimes that get national attention tend to be done by men soool

  11. This does apply to the female gender though

  12. I think OP confuses real contracts with social contracts. Social contracts are implicit, soft, and easily broken. Examples of breaking the social contract include the American revolution, the French Revolution, etc and contracts can be re-worded, like the evolution from feudalism to capitalism.

  13. LOL. I applaud your confidence in you trying to turn the tables on conservatives, if only it wasn't full of horse shit. Not only are those bitched out lefties huge pussies that go around crying about edgy jokes on the internet trying to be politically correct, it's because of their hyper sensitivity that they go around trying to be tough ass violent extremists. Mother fuckers are literally driven by emotion and emotion alone. Every time Antifa and BLM take the streets, they rely on power in numbers so they can harass people and sucker punch them, but once they meet someone who can actually hold their ground, they get their asses folded. They go out and throw shit at buildings, taunting officers, but once the police rush them, they run away like a bunch of cowards.

  14. And they aren't "taking" your job, they're being "given" your job. Look at the employers not the employees.

  15. They are also generally not taking anyone's job, immigrants and native workers tend to work in different sectors.

  16. If you were born in the US you are also not likely actually competing with immigrants over jobs.

  17. I was never particularly bigoted, but I used to be the type to argue with feminists, anti-racism, etc. Solely because I wouldn't believe that the world has these problems.

  18. I’ve top 8’d both a modern ptq and a pioneer tournament while registering 4 copies of [[Stormchaser Mage]] so I feel capable of answering here.

  19. Not really. Some words are absolute and clear. A human is a human. A man or woman isn’t as defined but definitions are built from social constructs.

  20. Bro anthropologists argue about what a human is every time they find a new primate fossil.

  21. If you're a libertarian you shouldn't make sex offender registry jokes.

  22. Who said I was joking? And what the fuck does that have to do with me being libertarian in the least?

  23. Libertarians have often advocated for abolishing or lowering the age of consent.

  24. Yeah that was first thing I noticed, second was the anarchy A being used in antifa lol

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