1. I'm not a debunker. I'm not sure I "believe" either. That said - this was one man's opinion not supported by concrete evidence.

  2. Unlike most people he had access to the data, and did on field research.

  3. then, if he showed what he knew to sagan, why did sagan never change his position on UFOs?

  4. Dr. Sagan never allowed himself to take a look at the evidence. He was “too busy”.

  5. 🙄 The director is a quack. He manipulated the kids to get their stories to line up, then he went on to continue to lose all credibility in his field

  6. What? Dr. John Mack is long dead and he didn’t make the documentary. John was decades ahead of the rest of the scientific community just look at recent events both Brazil and the US confirmed the existence of these objects.

  7. It's there if you scroll down, but... It looks like a clear (and not good) photoshop job to me. Not saying it isn't a real logo though, it doesn't seem like they are working with the biggest budget in the US govt.

  8. Commercial and Military pilots are mandated to report encounters with UAP/UFOs starting in 2023.

  9. Which is why he argues we first need RCV and open primaries to make UBI, healthcare, immigration reform.

  10. Grasping by quoting a guy who was skeptic, then not and then skeptical again. Quoting him in during the middle phase to suit you is not an argument, it is deliberately evading context, also known as lying.

  11. He didn’t die a skeptic literally read his work and his issues with Dr. Sagan. It’s absurd to debate with someone unaware of the topic.

  12. Says someone posting conspiracy theories who wuotes claims as facts, references to Aliens that no one does.

  13. Lol no longer a conspiracy theory. The conspiracy theorists now are the ones who ignore ALL DATA especially NEW to keep their existing opinion.

  14. JS....Misleading title... I thought there'd be a bit more of Dr.Sagan I couldn't tell he spoke at all the video went blank

  15. moment of contact is coming out soon which is directed by James fox. he says he has leads to alleged footage of the alien from back then (1996) - wondering if he will ever get to it or release it?

  16. This picture is fake but the footage does exist and has offered 200k for the video it seems was shown directly to his business partner Marco Aurelio.

  17. One of the signs of a ufo video being real is blurry edges according to multiple researchers.

  18. The excuse. So you admit is emains a hype .. of a claim .. not yet presented .... and when it flops ...?

  19. Doesn’t matter if it flops in the US. This investigative effort is to put pressure into the Brazilian government after their May 2022 ufo hearing.

  20. It’s clear there is a huge want for a genuine third party candidate. Yang unlike any of the recent third party choices has a high name recognition, high favorability, and is not associated with either party that turns off half of the people.

  21. How is he "not associated with either party" after losing two Democratic primaries in a row?

  22. He no longer has a D associated to the name which he says has made it much easier in conservative states to get the signatures to appear on the ballot and for RCV, open primaries ballot signatures.

  23. There shouldn’t be any issue as it’s not a conclusion. Speculation is how one creates a hypothesis which then leads to testing the hypothesis.

  24. Hypotheses start with limited evidence, not completely baseless speculation.

  25. If there’s an item that’s interstellar and is tougher than iron than a artificial hypothesis should be m allowed since we’ve only ever seen Oumuamua and now this one he’s in the process of looking for in the near future.

  26. So why didn't your third parties save abortion rights? Oh, right. Because third parties literally never win any elections.

  27. They can’t do worse than the Democratic Party who lost them while having control of the government.

  28. I mean Forward Party is literally 3 months old. Put they can’t do worse than a 100+ year organization that lost the abortion rights while having complete control.

  29. James Fox is offering 200k+ for this film. His partner for this project was shown the film by the owner.

  30. Countries that have recently set up guidelines for these mysterious aircraft.

  31. Here is rule 2, expanded for clarification:

  32. The Varginha "alien" was never witnessed in association with a UFO, and has never been included as part of any UFO narrative that was offered. In other words, the Varginha being could not have been called a CE-3 as there are no accounts which associate the being with a witnessed UFO.

  33. This “occupant” had to appear from somewhere which directly associates with a reported UAP crash and the military personnel requested to capture the occupant.

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