1. Oh this looks solid, definitely keeping it in mind. Looks like they also recommend the making stew meat out of the stuff in between, so will probably do that if it doesn’t cooperate with our grinder.

  2. The video of it is pretty good too, shows how to do it. Free on YouTube. I really enjoy making creative dishes out of cut you normally grind, like shanks. Slow cooked shanks are great.

  3. Look up emancipation in your state. See if you can find the forms. Print them out and have them sign it. They sound shitty enough to make you come back home as a runaway. Unless you turn 18 relatively soon.

  4. You understand that she is just as guilty as he is. These are the reasons why you are struggling with feelings. You are not required to keep toxic, dangerous people in your life.

  5. Is this in the US? Schools are mandatory reporters. Might be worth it to contact his school

  6. We’ve been trying to reach you about your car’s extended warranty

  7. College. She had a crush on me, I thought she was a dork. I was seeing someone else at the time. After I broke up with my previous girlfriend, I asked her out. Been together since

  8. That’s wonderful, congrats. I wish I had met someone more traditional or conservative in college. I’m on the west coast and meeting someone with more traditional or conservative values is like trying to find a unicorn.

  9. I’m on the west coast too. I agree. I would not want to be on the dating scene these days. Hard to be looking for a solid relationship out there.

  10. Another OP was asking about marriage, and if it’s worth it for men. This post is an example of how it is not. Wow, that poor guy. He is going to be devastated.

  11. I have issues with mine. It’s picky, and it struggles with accuracy. I have found a loading that it will shoot. Getting just over .5 MOA. It was a struggle to get there. I put a EC tuner brake on mine, that improved the accuracy. With the load it likes I’m getting around 2345 at the muzzle. This translates into about 927 foot pounds of energy at 400 yards. The 6.5 CM really needs those extra inches of barrel to get the muzzle velocity up. I’m looking to re-barrel it to one of the hot 6mm’s, like 6 CM or 6 GT or a tighter twist .243. Given the choice I would have saved a little more money and got a Waypoint.

  12. That’s terrible. You have a great passion for reading and it should be encouraged.

  13. For all you who are confused. He wants her to WANT to have sex with him. Not have pity sex, or get herself drunk to be in the mood sex.

  14. My daughter flopped herself right off the couch at four months old. No permanent damage but it scared the shit out of me. Hope everything works out for you

  15. Posted up thread in response to another commenter. Happy cooking!

  16. I have many: -High fences are fine, irresponsible ownership causing CWD is not. -Hunting deer with dogs is fine, actually looks fun. -Hunting suburban deer is great, we need more. I try to my part -Trophy hunting is fine -Meat hunting is great -Hunting over bait is fine -Hunting predators with hounds is great. It allows hunters to be selective. -Gate keeping our sport is terrible -Disparaging other hunters for using legal hunting methods you don’t approve of is peak Karen and should stop. -We have too many enemies for infighting -Steve Rinella has done more positive for the image of hunting than anyone in modern history.

  17. SO hey, glad I saw your comment here. Im lefty, and came up through all tactical training/shooting over the years on a standard AR. No lefty mods about it. But with a bolt gun... wondered if it was worth getting a lefty gun vs just learning it righty. Hell, when it comes down to it, Im right eye dominant, and shoot a bow right handed for that reason. (ALthough I don;'t think with scopes it would matter much either way).

  18. It is. Granted I am not an expert. It is just easier. I shoot long range prone usually. Left hand on the grip, and trigger. Right hand on a bag under the stock toe, squeezing the bag to get proper alignment. It works for me. I will allow it is a bit awkward with a long action bolt. Running the bolt winds up with the bolt in my face. There are a lot more options for long range guns that are right hand. Usually not many options for us lefties.

  19. Ah, When I 1st read your comment, I was under the impression you actually shot long guns right-handed (right shoulder and everything). Which prompted my wonderment as to whether it worth it to "learn right handed".

  20. I have shot right handed, but mostly as a novelty. I am very left handed, and left eye dominant.

  21. Get on eBay. I have gotten some really great bows that are only a couple years old and well taken care of. You can get a flagship bow and save some money. Sometimes you can find a completely set up bow. If you feel like you have to go get a new bow you can get a Bear. Really reasonably priced. Walmart even carries them. The Hunting Public guys went to Walmart bought a bow, sighted it in and went and shot a doe with it. You don’t have to spend a fortune.

  22. You can’t negotiate desire. Chore-play doesn’t work. She wants to be with you or she doesn’t.

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