1. Am I reading that right? Runblock graded higher than running? That was my impression honestly. Walker ran smack dab right into someone on at least 1 play, when it didn’t look like he needed to.

  2. Remember when Penny used to do that all the time? Hopefully Walker ends that trend immediately I did notice him do that a couple times, but overall their defense of line manhandled our offensive line.

  3. According to this, Damien Lewis and Abe Lucas were the big problems on the offensive line. Gabe Jackson, Charles Cross, and Austin Blythe weren’t great but they at least graded out at replacement level. The only really bad run blocking grade, surprisingly, was Phil Haynes.

  4. Abe Lucas looked awful but it’s part of the growing pains so I can’t give him hell. What’s really sad is besides Crosby. They didn’t have a single other player with more than one sack So pretty sad to see when your o line can’t handle a d line that pretty much every team has stopped(besides Crosby). One of the more pathetic, embarrassing games I’ve seen in a while, but on the bright side, I think practice is going to be extra intense and they obviously have a lot of points to address on film. Sometimes an ass whoopin isn’t the worst thing(regardless of the score we got our asses handled as we weren’t one bit physical).

  5. That was an awful call and was definitely a fumble. It looked like his leg was going to touch the ground but it bent back at an odd angle when he fell back as the ball was fumbling. Hard to see but he fumbled before anything was down. And yes, like people mentioned absolutely atrocious call to not stick with the call on the field when the replays were not super helpful. We got dicked there but we dicked ourselves worse when we were sucking PP at defense all game

  6. If TB retires then I could see the Buccs going after Geno, but honestly I wouldnt mind a 3 year 30 million dollar contract, and then use the Broncos pick on a QB. I mean Qbs are $$$. Heck Daniel Jones is probably getting a 3 year 25 million dollar contract, and we can all agree Geno has been better than him.

  7. I’m disgusted at how these qb contracts are unfolding and really just the league in general. Makes me sick. How many times have you seen someone do virtually nothing their entire career then they have one good season and then they expect to be paid like the top five at their respective position in the NFL. This isn’t a knock on Geno I’m speaking in general and honestly, I believe Gino is the type of guy who would try to be as team friendly as possible($ wise),since the Hawks believed in him. There are so many quarterbacks right now being paid some of the best money in sports and they’ve done virtually nothing. I hate this qb market and the wr market has fired up the last couple years and it’s getting just as egregious. Deebo Samuel a perfect example— wanted to get paid as much as the best in the business, and basically had a very good year last year and this year not quite as productive, but the entitlement drives me crazy. I think it’s year’s minimum dominating for our position gets you in that talk. 1 year na you got shit to prove He only has 2 tds right now and he wanted to get paid Tyreek $? I mean come on. Sorry for my rant I’m extremely fiery in this category

  8. There's a good amount of Russ's dead money on the books for this year. Next year is when we'll feel the savings. We'd be better with Bobby, but I honestly don't think it'd be game changing, and it was time to see if Brooks could start leading before they commit to giving him a contract.

  9. He wouldn’t be enough to fix any holes. We’d still be getting my torched

  10. Worst our line has played in quite some time. To be honest, it was as bad as the extremely dark days for the o-line. But couple of those guys are young and they are bound to have these games. Unfortunately, sometimes these games are the best thing for you because it’s an anchor for your coaching points.

  11. Don’t forget the 6’4” F’reak Woolen

  12. I dunno if it’s just me, but I feel like one main issue that has plagued the hawks for years now, is a lack of adaptation. We set out to do something, and don’t do anything else. Even at half time.

  13. Pete is stubborn and doesn’t make in game adjustments too often. The teams that do it the best adapt throughout the whole game sometimes barely into the first quarter they’ll be switching up the game plan. I wish we would adapt better it’s plagued us for so long it’s a bit puzzling it hasn’t changed by now Also, there isn’t a football team on planet earth, who wouldn’t come out and try to run all over us since the bucs had just done it to us. It’s kind of foolish to think a team wouldn’t come in stressing the run big time. I mean we asked for it after that abysmal showing against TB.

  14. Well as much as I love the game, I’m not going to hold that criticism. They have absolutely fucked the dog with these glitches I would’ve rather have them release the game a week or two later because this is unacceptable. There have been so many bugs that have affected how much I’ve enjoyed the game. I can’t recall a game where I have been this frustrated with bugs. It’s unacceptable and I’m fucking pissed. I’d label the game a 9/10 simply because of the bugs. It hasn’t earned a 10 out of 10 for me because it’s absolutely ludicrous that I had to update a game a week after it released. What if you lived out in the boondocks? You drive miles into town to buy a game go home download it only to find out it has bugs and you have to drive back in town to go to a coffee shop or a friends house to use Wi-Fi to update your game? It’s absolutely unacceptable. I’m irate and I think I have a fair case to be fuckin pissed.

  15. Games buggy as fuck it’s pissing me off and I don’t have Wi-Fi but I tried to update the game with 10 GB of my personal hotspot and the game update is absolutely gigantic. Only got about 10% done and used all 10 gigs of data

  16. In their territory, with a defense playing like shit all day...

  17. That’s Hawks football baby. When the opposing team punts the ball away in overtime I’m super nervous Hoping we get ONE first down. When we punt the ball away in overtime, I know it’s likely we are going to lose. It’s a very unfortunate feeling. That is always in my mind as a Hawks fan. As a Hawks Fan, I pray for one first down and I know that’s asking a lot. Grrrr I am so angry I very rarely respond to this many comments, but I am just so pissed I need to vent. As my dad used to say “The Seattle SeaCHOKES”I used to get so mad when he said that but I can’t blame him for calling it like it is. Let’s be real we have been choking for a long time. Besides our one Super Bowl win we have done nothing but choke. Once again, I’m gonna happily take my down votes. If it makes anyone feel better for my honesty that you all know it’s true.

  18. That extremely quick “forward progress” call was awful and looked like one of those calls made to help a Tom Brady team. He wasn’t down. That’s a fumble. Extremely quick call by the refs and a very poor decision.

  19. BEAUTIFUL play call! Homer!! By far the best play call of the day.

  20. Who likes. That play call? I don’t. Run game non existent. A read option too risky. We found out the hard way. Don’t want our rookie rb thinking too much. I am by no means hating on Walker but our playcalling today has been as bad as it’s been all year. Waldron not on his game today but obviously he’s been hindered by poor play especially from the run game. Terrible call

  21. If you don't know Treadwell you are entitled to watch his

  22. Shit goes hard. But it’s also limp. I can’t explain it

  23. I had sex in a dream once and the “insertion point” looked exactly like those a.I. elbows. Kind of like a belly button

  24. Haha my buddy is always complaining like crazy and it’s like bro you’re a Chiefs fan you got it made. Be still and stop complaining. Haha. I only complain if it’s a terrible egregious call because often times “smaller” bad calls even out when it’s all said and done. Edit: Saints could have made the top of this list from just that one ATROCIOUS missed call that robbed Drew and Co a trip to the Superbowl. I don’t blame fans if they’re still complaining cuz that was awful.

  25. They use it to fool us to think it's our own technology. Just like how Ace Ventura used the rhino.

  26. Exactly. This is misdirection and helps to further confuse anyone trying to look into ufo’s

  27. A Couple names In the top 10 who haven’t done enough to truly earn that $ in my opinion(as far as other players making much less who have achieved more)Just my opinion no need to bite my head off. Obviously that’s the way the quarterback market works right and I don’t like it one bit.

  28. Couple dweebs making more than the goat.

  29. So many intangibles in football and not having a veteran to learn from is something people overlook or take for granted. Young or old you should always be striving for growth as a pro baller. The wise man is forever a student Get em Geno

  30. I’m a fan of Jeff Saturday too and I’ll be rooting for him every Sunday.

  31. I haven’t found anything like that but you can look up Dr David Nixon dark field microscopy to see the unknown self assembling mechanical structures found in the Covid Vaccine

  32. Russ and baker and both thicker as well. Young doesn’t even weigh 200 pounds. He might just not be big enough to stay healthy in the NFL which is a shame since he’s a winner

  33. Russ has just about the best body you can ask for as a shorter guy. He’s pretty dammn muscular and obviously took his training very serious. Young at 185 is WAY to small to take hits. A 310 lb dt slips up the middle from baad communication by the center and flattens him? He’s toast He can only pack on so much muscle too

  34. The Niners are loaded, healthy and pissed off. Any given Sunday and all, but the Hawks will need a lot of luck to beat them.

  35. We don’t need luck to beat them. We just have to play to our best ability and execute. Great communication on both sides of the ball. Come out with a ferocious d and a great offensive game plan. We don’t need Luck at all. That’s not one bit true. Let’s not forget that L to the Niners was week 2 we were still barely figuring out the team. Takes a month of two before you really know what you have as a team and even then you’re still trying to morph the team day by day

  36. Me too. Would rather have Lance in there(for an “easier” game) and it’s not even close

  37. I'm just surprised the Broncos left him wide open. He's the Raiders' WR1, so you think they would at least make some feeble attempt to cover him.

  38. He got burned on the route he wasn’t left wide open. The db bit on his slight lean inside and when he took it outside he was WAY overdone. That boy was burnt. It definitely was a feeble effort but they did try. Hahaha

  39. Did you feel it? Definitely smart to start small. Just make sure if you do take more you have to wait quite a bit of time or else the dosage may stack. One time I took about 1.5 g(I was being extra cautious cuz I had a really bad trip a year before) and I felt pretty good but wasn’t quite satisfied so I took more but I did it like two hours later and it’s stacked on top It surprised me which caused anxiety as it caught me off guard how fucked up I was. I assumed the first dose was completely out of my system. I was wrong and I had a horrible time.

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