1. Ok thank you I check everything out !

  2. Consider an Atlas CAL bipod if you can bear to spend the money. The flexibility is really nice.

  3. Would you say you could compare it to 338 at 1k? That’s basically what the whole debate was is he was saying even at 1k 338 blows 6.5 out of the water in terms of pure accuracy

  4. I don’t think so. All things being equal, I don’t see 338 blowing 6.5 out of the water at 1k yards.

  5. Nope, not a Bergara. No Cheetos for you. Flair updated appropriately.

  6. Lol but look at the MS Paint job. I think my man may qualify for an exemption.

  7. Bergara HMR in 308, Athlon Cronus, Atlas CAL, good rings, 20 MOA rail, bipod rail. Bag, ammo, etc. Read the FAQ. There are so many options.

  8. For babbys first spoonfed list this is pretty good OP

  9. 100 yard group . 3 shots on the left to see where I was at then the 7 on the right .

  10. Great shooting! How do you like the Cross for range time, particularly the recoil? My understanding is that it's a very lightweight rifle. Also, get you some calipers ;).

  11. So I checked , from edge to edge at the widest I saw It was .779

  12. Sure thing. Forgot to mention that they call it a ‘quiver’. If you Google your cartridge and then quiver you’ll see lots of options

  13. I would pay good money for a custom quiver featuring Chester Cheetah.

  14. I dont get it either, and at this point I'm too afraid to ask. insertmeme.jpg

  15. Extremely excited to be getting into this!

  16. It's the ".30 - 8mm" that gets me. That should include 308, yeah?

  17. The way it is supposed to work is there is a cone that centers on the chamber, then that round aluminum collar slides along the bore guide towards the chamber until you see the threaded hole on the collar. You screw the brass handle into the hole and push the guide/cone against the chamber while pulling back on the collar/brass handle until it is snug against the back of the ejection port on the action. Then you tighten the brass handle down.

  18. StrelokPro works great for me. Highly recommend.

  19. “Long time lurker” and he doesn’t even have the common decency to show us his toes. And with a Tikka no less. For shame!

  20. I was unaware it was required for Tikka owners, I truly am sorry.

  21. We're all about education here. Just make sure your next picture submission includes feet ;).

  22. Any other recommendations for target shooting if this is closed in Western Washington. Closer to Seattle the better .. Was going to go out with 2 friends this weekend to the pit.. crap

  23. Went with a buddy out past Duvall. All the service roads were blocked off. Every one.

  24. Neither. Expensive to fire, lots of recoil, low barrel life. You’d be better off with a 308 or 6.5C. Search CA on this sub before making your purchase. Their QC and customer service leave something to be desired.

  25. Yeah I get that. I’ve been interested in the rifle for a long time. It’s what I want.

  26. I bought this setup some time ago and only was able to shoot a few times with the ammo could find in a couple stores. It’s a Bergara 6.5 creedmoor . I was getting pretty large groups and feeling so frustrated. Almost sent it back to Bergara, when a good friend recommended I get Hornady match ammo first. It was super hard to find it here in Southern California. Finally found some and went to the range yesterday. I was pretty happy with my first 6 shots @ 100 yards. Now I’m in love with it. Even hit a body plate first try at 600 yards. I’m excited to learn to shoot better. The goal is a mile. But I have a long way to go.

  27. Keep it up! AmmoSeek is your friend if you can get ammo shipped to you. I was able to find some match ammo for $1.25/rd (including shipping & tax).

  28. Thanks! I tried ammo seek but here in CA you have to have it shipped to an FFL and the fees are just stupid. I hate the idiotic rules here.

  29. You might want to consider the HMR or something similar if you’ll mostly be doing range work. My understanding is that hunting rifles tend to have more felt recoil for a variety of reasons. This makes them harder to control, which makes repeated shots on target more difficult. But it’s not a bad starter option either. All that said, read the FAQ. A wealth of knowledge there.

  30. Annex Defense makes a lockdown lever for the BT-46 that helps a lot.

  31. Was browsing this on my "regular" lurker account and had to register just to say thanks. It blows my mind whenever I see anything we make get talked about in the wild.

  32. I appreciate it, especially as it will help negate an otherwise very expensive mistake on my part.

  33. I suspect they are referencing travel in only one direction. My understanding is that this is a common way manufacturers advertise scope. Just google "[scope] total travel", and you'll find various postings that should give you a good idea of what you'll be getting, including the "usable" travel where the scope isn't straining.

  34. I was thinking maybe 300WM or 308 or possibly the 7mm Rem mag

  35. 308 is the only good option out of these 3. That or 6.5C.

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