1. No no you don’t understand Daisuke’s brain Mistranslated the thought to mouth /s

  2. I wanna hold hands with her tbh, maybe go for a nice dinner or an arcade date, and then get her home at a reasonable time

  3. I've been running HOIL on a void weaken build recently as a more support style and it's astounding how many people I meet in LFG who add me as a friend afterwards, really easy playstyle for people who struggle with HOIL combos or if you're lower than ~1590 and want to run masters and still be useful

  4. It's always double rewards on crap Nightfalls.

  5. Then use the weapon you’ve got? You don’t need crafted weapons. That’s always been the point. Enhanced traits and perks were intentionally made not much better to not invalidate random rolls.

  6. Trap? Because that's just a term the anime community uses actively to categorize effeminate men that usually cross dress

  7. Kinda like how Coon is both a racial slur and short and cute way of saying raccoon?

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