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  1. I think $100 is too low imo with validator locks for bone. Last run defi and metaverse were the major players. Web 3 imo is the big push for next run. Shibanet and low fee transactions for everyday items on shibarium and other L2 rollups should lead the next run imo. Eth security is peak and with low fee rollups the tps increase will allow very practical use cases hindered by high fees in 2021. I thing 90m-120m circulating supply and 40-90b market cap is fair for shibarium next run if we get a real foot hold in web 3 with shibanet and usage of ssv2.

  2. but we have one serious problem. Shiba investors don't like Bone, don't even like the mention of Bone. As soon as a post is made about Bone, they report it. I think if they want a burn mechanism, it won't work without Bone, nor without shibarium.

  3. I feel like most of the animosity is due to how difficult the layman feels bone is to buy. They also want to see that shibarium is real as many of the shib masses think it's not going to come out. Once it really starts pumping I think they will come around if it can be bought on every major exchange. Once they see shib burns combined with a very attractive bone price they might fomo in.

  4. Be that as it may, but for some reason I think we are talking about fools :)

  5. your and our goals has not the end. every time there will be wish to have more and more

  6. bro, just add your token on wallet by contract adress which you bought

  7. Is there anyone who had this problem and got better? I take antidepressants for years now, but the problem with shortness of breath is always here. I feel just the same as you, my pulse is normal and usually I fell only shortness of breath and I become very tired.

  8. I have the same thing! Except laying down doesn’t fix it and my heart rate goes too high and won’t go back down. I’ve heard that eating smaller meals throughout the day rather than less frequent, larger meals may help.

  9. We can say that the body goes into a more restful state when eating. I definitely have to smoke after eating, so smoking releases more adrenaline and affects the nervous system. I don't know what to think. My blood pressure is great. My blood pressure is normal

  10. Day trading even 0.1 percent is bullshit. You'll just eat your own ass in the end. You sell at a high price and wait for the price to drop to buy.

  11. I don’t think Binance is important enough to cause a recession if it fails. It would definitely be bad for crypto generally, but MtGox was huge in the market when it failed 8 years ago and had essentially no impact on the broader economy.

  12. :)) The ftx market crashed last week and now you can't get out of this recession and you're telling me about the crypto market 8 years ago? Now it's a different reality. I say if Binance bankrupt, This will be a big problem. he mentioned mtGox. what mtbox, fuck mtbox.why do you all repeat the same nonsense?

  13. you're a cryptobro and you never heard of "not your keys, not your money"?

  14. i want to have hold there for stake and trade

  15. what is matter if they track me? anyway at last i should transfer my money to verified exchange, now if metamask just want to track me, come on

  16. new shiba's layer two coming , its name is - shibarium

  17. actually! some could not realize what gem is it

  18. Ask the Neo or EOS community they know an answer 👌

  19. so, you actually think solana is on them way?

  20. im going to hold my solana on binance and being on stake

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