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  1. "“Doctor Koksharov wrote that (the soldier) had arthritis and needed to leave the front. ‘The fewer of them the better,’ he said. ‘I was ready to sign it for the whole army.’”

  2. "Although Keynes was wrong about the future abundance of leisure, Lindsey thinks he was right about two things: the fecundity of capitalism, and the challenge of defining purposes beyond the goal of acquiring material necessities."

  3. Since I got new work, I literally have no time to catch up on Twitter and I feel much better.

  4. ss:"Though we increasingly push the boundaries‌‌ with ECMO, it’s ‌not designed for ‌‌long-term use. That’s why doctors talk about the machine as a bridge rather than a destination. It is either a bridge to lung recovery or to transplant if recovery is impossible. This very fact is remarkable."

  5. "This is a more complicated debate than it looks. While gender-neutral categories are seen by some as socially progressive, they could have unintended consequences and there are several factors to consider.

  6. Cheap shot for the revenge haha Lehman and Harris in the past asked this dude to submit the link that backup ivermectin efficacy. Bret Weinstein still can't get away with his embarrassed tweet.

  7. How convenient that she doesn't specify what she was correct about

  8. Her incentive doesn't have anything to do with whether she's correct or not. Only she needs is maintaining her base fans. Epitome of audience capture.

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