1. Where could you go in white jeans and not look filthy within ten minutes is the more important question 😀

  2. You’re absolutely right. I will be super careful to not get it dirty. What I’m worried is about looking like I’m gay.

  3. You're not ugly. It's just, if you aren't oozing sex appeal then young women will make you feel that way.

  4. You are a dude whose jawline does not require facial hair to look strong, clean shave or leave a day or 2 of growth, the beard isn’t full enough to grow it

  5. The only reason I have facial hair is to not look too young as people tell me I have a baby face. But I’ll give clean shaven a try. It’s just a year ago I used to be way uglier than I am today, and I had no facial hair. But my hair and skin were fucked up back then but that’s not the case anymore. I kinda have ptsd of clean shaven, but I’ll give it a try.

  6. She did not work last week. And she won’t work next week too. Maybe she’s on vacation. But I ain’t sitting around doing nothing. In the meantime I’ll talk to other girls. I need to be a man with options.

  7. Yes. Even if everything goes wrong, in 20 years, you are happy that you've taken such steps. Some people never do, and never get anywhere. If you have the confidence to do it, do it. I think she would appreaciate you asking.

  8. So basically, Introduce my self, ask her a general question and mention that I think I saw her at this community college a month ago. Then a week later, just go in guns blazing and ask her. Either go big or go home. I like the idea. Kinda prep her up for the big gun. Is that what you meant?

  9. Haha nah man, we talk a lot so she'll either think I'm drunk or I'm genuine I feel like I like you is better. The point is I feel like I'm wasting time waiting for some sort of miracle that'll never happen by itself. Telling her will, at the verry least clear my head

  10. You can also say “I have a crush on you”. But tell her face to face. I get what you’re saying, you want that weight off your back. Tell her how you feel if that’s gonna make you feel better

  11. That won't work, as we live over 100 km apart But I have an idea, despite it being corny af Gojn along the lines of I have to tell you a secret and I like you but obv expanded on

  12. Fast food. I will be leaving in a few months. Honestly I think I might just walk up, introduce my self and say “I really like xyz about you, I like your vibe and you’re cute. I would like to get to know better. We should go to this coffee shop, it’s really good. What do you say?”

  13. Thanks! Normally I am shy and insecure about my looks, but in this situation, I will become the definition of confidence.

  14. Um ok so if I’m completely honest, on a scale of 0-5 with 2.5 being average-looking, I would give you a 2.5 :) as for how to improve... so, in my opinion, you should change up your style to the 3rd picture and wear contacts instead of glasses 👌🏻✨

  15. I’ll take a 2.5… I’ll definitely look into getting contacts. Thanks for the insight!

  16. i normally flirt in the star soo she gets a hint that i’m interested. she won’t feel betrayed if she knew you were interested in her from the start, rather than only being seen as friends .

  17. I completely agree. I want her to know my intentions from the start. I don’t wanna waste any time. If she is interested, okay, if not, then I move on. I’ll definitely flirt with her from the start. I’ll read her body language and act accordingly

  18. Don’t ask her out to an actual date right away. If you have never talked to her I’d build up a friendly rapport with her, and then ask if she wants to get coffee sometime after she knows you. If you get friendzoned you never had a chance in the first place, either she finds you attractive or she doesn’t

  19. Bet bet. Also, how long on average should the friendly talk happen? Like 2 weeks? Also, is flirting a good idea in the start?

  20. We work fast food and I’ll be out in a few months b/c of college. She works front, I work kitchen.

  21. That is why I recommend activities as a first date like hiking, arcade, amusement parks. You’ll never run out of stuff to say and y’all will have a great time.

  22. Yeah i prefer that too, but unfortunately she's the one who asks me for the date,

  23. Damn you’re lucky! Since she asked you out you’re pretty much set. Just treat her like another human being and don’t think much of it. She asked you out. That means she is interested. She will probably put in effort. Just make sure to match her energy. Not more, not less

  24. Because being too close is seen as desperate and needy. He messed up in the beginning, and is now trying to turn things around. And he succeeded at it, because now you are thinking about him.

  25. Precisely yes. If we answer right away it will be seen as needy and as we don’t have much going on in our lives. And from experience, women find that extremely unattractive and will lose interest in no time. Instead we wait and then respond. We are busy men on a mission.

  26. You're a handsome bloke with a kind and friendly looking face. You're young, and I think you have the kind of face that's going to age really well so whilst you look good now, I think as your face matures in its shape and contours as you grow older, you'll look even better.

  27. How did you know I was shy!?😂😂 But yeah I’ve battling shyness over the past years. I hate it, and I am doing everything I can to change that. Sometimes I talk to my self in the mirror, and think “holy shit I look better speaking this way”, but when I talk to strangers it’s a total disaster.

  28. If you were interested in someone, would you make up some excuse when they asked you out, and then later stop messaging her. She. isn't. interested.

  29. Just take the "L" and leave it alone. If she was interested she would be reaching out to you.

  30. Yeah you’re right. If she was interested she would be moving mountains. I normally think the same as you do. With other rejections I just move on and find other girls to talk to. It’s just that this was not a normal crush. This was the biggest fucking crush I ever had. It was that bad. I don’t think I’ll find someone like her in the rest of my life, but I just gotta suck it up and take the L like a champ. I was very conflicted (very unusual of me). Thanks for bringing me to my senses!

  31. Girls change their mind a lot! They go from one extreme to the other in no time. As the other person said, she ain’t available for you. You did your part bruh. The ball is on her court now. There’s nothing you can do. If she wants to reach out in the future she will. In the mean time meet other girls who will give you their attention. Have some self respect.

  32. Same thing happened to me last week bro. It means she is not interested. Don’t waste your time. Move on to a girl who will actually put in the effort. Sucks for her. It’s her loss, not yours.

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