1. I‘m not interested in Twitter dXXXX faster if it doesn‘t take the CEO with it.

  2. Bert needs to recognize the value of his labor

  3. I mean, yeah it technically is but it’s also really fun.

  4. No like, the whole movie was displayed as an ad before some YouTube videos for a while to promote the second one

  5. well... the original reference image does not say "my brother in christ"

  6. now let me tell you how overpopulation is a problem and only 10b people could possibly fit in the world yada yada

  7. Well nobody lives out there because all the land is spent growing food for the people who don't live there

  8. It boggles my mind that people actually use public discord servers

  9. Courses worth more credits are harder

  10. Must be a shit school since they keep getting caught

  11. Well the ones that are good at it don't get caught do they

  12. Nadia is briefly mentioned for her role in the fight just before Andromadus orders the dragons to surrender, but you’re right to our knowledge she didn’t die and was never mentioned afterwards. “Nadia had joined the fray, her face unmasked. Wherever she went, the fighters rallied, and dragons were paralyzed by her gaze.”

  13. Yeah. In book 1, it was said that the legendary dragon slayers are virtually immune to the passage of time. Every slayer (except garocles and morisant) should have been there. It was very anticlimactic for the climax of a 5 book series

  14. Well I think the legendary dragon slayers was just the 5 that came out of selona

  15. Without education the goal of the oppressed is to become the oppressor

  16. I don't get it, I think. Is there any weird pattern in the blue part? Is this some sort of furry Rorschach test, or am I a fool?

  17. It's just the old logo, the new one sucks

  18. It is explained that the Zzyzx artifacts cannot be broken or unmade, but in Dragon watch Bracken has his 3rd horn back and it is no longer part of the font of immortality

  19. The sphinx mentions that Zzyzx has not yet been fully locked. I interpreted that as "Right now the magic is not fully sealed on the artifacts, and the font was broken during this critical time"

  20. So dragon fear works in two parts, right? The freezing of your body but not your mind, and the freezing of your mind and not your body.

  21. So, first two points: The unicorns are fairy-kind, not actual fairies. Just like Kendra. All of the guests were approved or came within the preserve. The preserve is absolutely gigantic, described as a whole new continent. Next group of points: Didn't Kendra insult him a bunch or refuse to cooperate somehow? That probably provvoked him based off of his nature, highly likely. Birthday? Also, would you mind giving me some quotes for Tess being ten? It doesn't guarantee safety, but magical beings cannot touch him. Any weapons that are non magical would affect him like usual, so lucky the dragons don't use any. Final points: Seth had Knox go not knowing he was going to the preserve, also no one except Seth knew. And Seth's an idiot sometimes. It's explained in the first book of Dragonwatch and mentioned why some other time. It's explained why like this: The fairy likes how the person acts so decides to share their magic. The Sorenson family must have very good, pure hearts for so many to have light abilities!

  22. Tess: "I'm ten. Two digits. Same as most people."

  23. I still don’t understand Ronodin’s backstory. Why did he ultimately screw over the King?

  24. He thought that by renouncing his fellow unicorns it would nullify the deal the king made, allowing ronodin to destroy the dark fungus (dealing a powerful blow to the demons)

  25. You're being punished for your hotbar arrangement

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