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  1. Stop being delusional, this token isn't going anywhere and I have alot for fun just to forgot about it considering I bought pre crashed and some more for crash. But ultimately it's a memecoin

  2. Didn't realized a press secretary is calling the shots now lol

  3. It's going nowhere tbh and a community won't do anything to 7 trillion circulation

  4. Boy are you dumb. For 10k you could buy 5 ETH or 1/3 BTC but you choose this shit...

  5. I won't burn shit while some other asshole benefits without burning nothing. The community has to establish a burning fee per transaction and/or an obligatory burning of a small percentage of everyone's account, that way all of the community contributes

  6. Exactly why burn when some douche will not burn and hold millions. Plus if anyone is burning a big amount would be do Kwon. He can easily burn 1 billion worth of token than every might follow suit.

  7. We need some serious burn here , he owes us that much

  8. If he was truly a good person he would burn 1 billion of he's own money for luna. But we know he's a man child

  9. Heres what is gonna happen, dokwon gets out of this smiling, there's a lot of money involved yet, who was smart bought mills of Lunc on the moonfall (drop) , those are holding to change their lives, who didn't bought any are butthurt and hating and raging on Reddit. Those guys who lost in the crash idk what they are doing. Exchanges already started burn projects, other groups too, some people on denyal, terra will come up soon with another thing to hype up Luna 2.0 , things will go up slowly, for the food of crypto, maybe?! More burns will come, maybe and if Binance joins the cause than it's done, we recovering. Not financial advice.

  10. If do Kwon doesn't support the burn with he burning an easy 2 trillion if he really wanted. Why would anyone burn their given the man of luna jump ship because he couldn't handle the pressure

  11. Honestly iff ur not worried about that money than just keep it there, however both token are going nowhere.

  12. It’s money “don’t need.” But wondering what people are thinking about the future

  13. Honestly I can't tell about the future given the man that run things has a kid like mindset, therfore anything can happen wetheter it's good or bad

  14. We shouldn't burn on a flawed ecosystem that was bound to happen, especially when people to do Kwon about this issue last year but he's ego didn't want to hear it

  15. I like the way you think. 5 trillion burn would be great

  16. Good luck finding ppl do burn 5 trillion. We already have Do Kwon that jump ship, which he could've easily fix luna. And you have delusional that think owning million or billion of coin in a circulation of 6 trillion will do something in price action.

  17. I love the Burn Rally idea. Yes, can you imagine if Luna started trending everywhere on Twitter, IG and Tiktok like GME, AMC and doge did?

  18. terra 2.0 might end up being the shortest lived project to ever hit the cryptosphere

  19. As far as I know you don't do anything, however they won't airdrop all of it at once I believe

  20. Thanks, but wasn't supposed that LUNC are r3placed by Luna 2.0?

  21. I honestly don't know how much you'll receive but it should be a chunk of it given to you, then more of it given to you over a span of 12 months I believe. So not all of it in one airdrop

  22. How don't I conver my 1 million Luna to 2.0??

  23. You'll keep ur luna classic, which are unfortunately useless and you get luna 2.0 depending when you bought the % will be different for those that bought prior to the depeg

  24. Is Luna 2 a scam or is it a project with absolute potential?

  25. Not a scam , but a project just to save do Kwon ego while not spending a dime

  26. I was under the impression if we hold luna 1.0, we get air dropped luna 2.0. Is this correct?

  27. Technical everyone that has luna will have already invest in it unwillingly

  28. You'll keep ur luna classic and I believe you'll get 10% of it after the depeg and 40% b4 the depeg toward lunav2

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