1. I'm going to drop this story and run because I'm Army but I follow all the military subs and just comment when I feel it's applicable... So my Company shares a building with a USMC HHB and we have a shared motor pool, so we are near each other all the time. A USMC SNCO was giving a pep speech to a group of Marines about something and after he said oohrah one of the senior Corpsman gave a loud oohrah as everybody started walking off; a joking, loud tone that was not disrespectful in any way, just loud and kind of funny, like the punchline to a joke that everyone laughs with. One of their brand new Marines thought it was obnoxious I guess so he said along the lines of "Navy faggot" and "he shouldn't be able to do that". Everybody looked back at him. Then everybody looked at us, the couple of Army Soldiers in the general area. I'm a Sergeant so I said "uh let's go" to my guys because we believe in "don't watch it unless you want to participate in it". The SNCO kept the new Marine back and, I am not exaggerating, had him low crawling in the prone and supine position (yes, upside down like a crab) from one end of the area to the other for the rest of the business day. He had holes in his uniform. His boot laces came out. Our grass didn't recover until the next spring season. We could hear him from inside the building, through the brick wall. The Corpsman didn't say a thing, it was just the SNCO and this E1.

  2. Download the Expert Infantry Badge app BUT also download the latest pdf handbook because there are discrepancies! You have to perform according to what the graders have.

  3. Do you often feel like you are smarter than everyone else who makes more money and has more authority than you? One day they will listen to you and you can finally give them the right and obvious answers to all of their failings 😏

  4. As an 88M I can't tell you all of my hallucinations while driving. I think I have a propensity to hallucinate from fatigue, as well. I'm at JRTC right now. The roads have changed colors. I thought I saw snakes crossing the road. Then I thought there was people standing on the edge. In the past I thought I saw giant, sky scraper sized French fries walking across the road like a pair of legs. I've had people hanging off the side mirror talking to me and I really rolled down the window to talk to them back. Zippers (like from your jeans) the size of cars flying around like a hovercraft, using the pull tab to flap like a fly's wings, spotlighting people who were running away in terror, and if someone was tracked in the spotlight it would beam them up and unzip their body in half long-ways (like from head to groin) and consume them.

  5. WTS Izzy Bakelite mag. Has the earlier flat baseplate

  6. No functional problems I assume? Do you take cashapp? I got banned from PayPal due to notes someone left in a comment. I haven't traded here much but I have the "trusted trader" tag on GAFS with like 15 or more rated transactions. If you take cashapp I can pay you now.

  7. For me, no, due to my living condition and plan.

  8. Most of the time when someone says "that should be kept secret" they are over-reacting. But in this case I feel like now is really too early to reveal this. We have to expect that Russia knows this now. Maybe it was known in some corner of military intelligence but wide publication means it will reach weapons targeteers in the field and there will be a political priority to dismiss the decoys. Now, Russians know to observe the HIMARS for things that a decoy wouldn't produce like thermal image, movement, live crews, meeting supply trucks, etc before they target it. Also, they may dedicate more missiles to the anti HIMARS mission and target everything right away, when maybe earlier they were being selective when targeting. While this does offer a counterpoint to Russian propaganda and battle damage assessment that HIMARS have been destroyed, that could have been accomplished by showcasing the amount of surviving systems (all of them, for now) without revealing your decoys and furthermore, the specifics of the decoys. Bad move IMO.

  9. It's normal in all gun barrels. If you cut any barrel you owned into 1 inch sections there would be different measurements in each section. Bigger gun, bigger differences. Also, in this auto cannon it is a design feature. The thicker wall is at 12 oclock on this gun. That slows down the cooling process. Yes, slows it down intentionally. Nothing will destroy the barrel quicker than fast heating and cooling, so it's better to let it take a while to heat up and let it take a while to cool down. The US Bradley takes a different approach to solve the same problem by fluting the barrel of its auto cannon. The fins or flutes act as increased surface area. Back to your rifle barrel at home, that off-center bore is due to the nature of boring barrels from blanks.

  10. Yeah he shot lots of content in Ukraine, but then undid all that and showed his true colours (how little he cares about these places) by going there to show there was no war going to happen and it was just “anti Putin propaganda”.

  11. Zelensky was telling Ukrainians not to buy into US warnings of an imminent large offensive. Does he not care about the people there too? The world was shocked on February 24th. Bald also rails against Putin and Russia many times. The most recent and most explicit one I can recall was in his long Estonia video. You are cherry picking your data, applying hindsight to interpret view, and as far as taking a spot away from a Ukrainian- That is complete bullshit. Foreign civilians are a top priority for evacuation. The people taking up spots were Ukrainian men of war-fighting age.

  12. The difference is…..he had said the war wasn’t going to happen…..but when he was filming, the WAR had started and he was misleading viewers by implying everything was well.

  13. I have never thought that a gun is the appropriate for a snake. If you have time to see the snake, draw on it and fire, you had time and space to avoid it. I think you are safer with a hiking stick to rustle and beat the ground in front of you. I see snakes at least a couple times a month fishing and frogging. I use my landing net to sweep and tap the ground in front of me to alert the snakes to my presence. If a snake ever accidentally evaded in my direction, I can beat it or net it. I've never had to do it, probably because they do their best to avoid me.

  14. When this is all over drop your packet to transfer. Get a recruiter to help you because your unit will try to prevent it, the recruiter will help overcome the unit’s attempts to stop you.

  15. Coincidentally, this is already my plan. I feel like I have done what I can as an 88M Reservist (NTC, QLLEX, QLLEX-E, CSTX and this AT is JRTC). At this point all I can do is repeat Annual Trainings. I have a passion for training and I want to go to my local Training Div and do OC/T stuff or Reserve Drill Sergeant. Ultimately, I am considering an AGR packet for Training but I want to see how this goes (I'm E5). I'm done here, for the right reasons I think, but this is just a reason to not have second thoughts.

  16. Not sure where you are geographically, but the 78th Training Div (mid Atlantic) always needs solid NCOs

  17. I'm in PA so that is the Training Div I would use. I go to Fort Dix all the time already, FIG some other times. Right now I want to focus on JRTC but I am open to any information/contact because I want to make a move shortly after coming home in Oct. Thank you

  18. I administer the drug test and I have training with the process. No, you cannot fail a urinalysis for "second hand smoke". That is why being around other people smoking is not an excuse to fail. My entire family smokes weed, basically. I am living proof that you cannot fail a urinalysis via second-hand.

  19. What's it like existing in a world without the people who brought you into it? I was raised by my grandparents, I'm in my 30s and realistically they have 5 or so years left, definitely less than 10. I struggle with losing them at mid-life. I grew up with an older generation of extended family- my grandmother's siblings, their kids, even my great grandparents have only died over the last 5 years or so in their 90's. By the time I'm 40 my family will be people I've met as an adult (my wife, kids, etc). I feel very anxious about that.

  20. I'm sure it will be something tacky with a horrendous campaign medal design that looks like a kids arcade token. Google image search campaign medals from basically pre-Vietnam and they are a beautiful style reminiscent of Greek statues with soft realism and classical symbology. Nowadays it's like, some random thing overlayed on a map of the country. And it's only gotten worse in my opinion. The Expert Soldier Badge is one of the ugliest military designs there is. For OP Ukrainian Freedom it will be something like a HIMARS clipart on front with "Without Supply U Die" on the back.

  21. Isn’t it possible that I could still catch one of the previous variants or the new Omicron sub variant that just premiered?

  22. Yes but your antibodies will still offer a high degree of protection. The virus variants are very closely related.

  23. Unplug from covid news and info and you will feel 100x better. There is no reason to believe you will ever have a worse reaction to a future infection than what you just got over unless you have a major change like you become obese or something. The mental and emotional distress is worse than the physical damage at this point.

  24. What are the other pics like? I have a gun blog on facebook and I made a post on

  25. This is all my friend put up. I'll see if he has more, or even a source (cause now that I'm looking, I can't find anything to confirm this). I may have been bamboozled, but at least there's some meme potential.

  26. I don't think you were bamboozled. It's a Russian soldier, not a Ukrainian. But it's from the war and I've seen it posted by foreign social media accounts as well.

  27. I've heard conflicting things on converting the CAR to a CAB. I know someone who got a memo for the conversion and now they wear CAB and no CAR. But then I heard (not from them) that such a memo was an error and that a CAR should not convert into a CAB. But my CAB guy said well, I've got a memo, so I'm keeping it. I don't think he's wrong. At worst it's like a bank error in your favor. What have you heard on that? Did you rate yout deployment patch while you were in the Marines or did you deploy with them as a Soldier?

  28. Once it is converted to 7.62 the chamber is not German made or engineered.

  29. The practical difference in pressure between 7.62x51 NATO and commercial .308 Win is not that great. Most of the differential in published numbers comes from different testing standards and confusion between PSI and CUP methods. And its more significant for semi auto rifles than bolt guns.

  30. The issue with these is not 7.62 or .308, the issue is that due to how the gun was re-chambered the chamber throat is not rated for any pressure, be it original 7.57, 7.62 NATO or .308 Win. It's a secondary chamber insert which has a weak point (the solder joint which becomes an unintended air vent) at the most critical place (the leade where the bullet jumps from the cartridge into the barrel).

  31. I've been rolling mine forever, even as a PFC. Every once in a while somebody brings it up but no one has ever done so in a negative or corrective way. Likewise, as an NCO there is no reason for me to say anything negative about it. The reg says something about the PC being flat on top. The way I see it, if it's rolled the top is flat with a neat and equal edge, and if it isn't it can get poofy and bad looking. So rolled is good to go in my interpretation.

  32. All of the worst aspects of prison systemics are reactions by the institution to protect the inmates from each other. It is a society of people who could not play nice in society, so the result is well, expected and the systems try to pre-empt that. I am not saying it's perfect. Far from it. I quit working for a prison because of the staff, not the inmates. But I am under no illusions about the inmates, either.

  33. False premise- 5 yard penalty. If you are going to spew bullshit you can find someone on your maturity level to talk to (unlikely).

  34. You don't need a license to buy a gun in PA. There are other forms of ID accepted.

  35. These are best estimates, they all explain their methodology. People just have a hard time believing authority figures in the west because Russia has spent the past two decades furling conspiracy nutters online.

  36. Their methodology is to count every radar contact lost or every AA missile launch as an enemy plane shot down, which is bullocks. It is impossible for Russia to have lost the aircraft Ukraine is claiming, across all categories. Imagine that a Mig-29's, an S-300 and a Buk all fire a missile at the same radar contact. It could be a drone, a manned aircraft, or a decoy. The missile and target contacts merge and the target contact drops off of radar. All 3 defenders claim a kill. That is 3 kills claimed. Meanwhile, the target might not have been destroyed. Radar contact loss can be anything: it flew below a hill, it was filtered out as clutter by the radar operator, it took evasive maneuvers (there are cruise missiles and decoys that evade), or if it was a munition, it may have struck a target at the point of merge. This situation has played itself out again and again but instead of 3 systems its 20 at a time and that is why Ukraine claims over 200 manned, fixed wing aircraft downed while the best legitimate estimate is around 50 (aircraft of all types destroyed in total, not 50 shot down). The US has been flying the best AWACS in the world for the entire war. We have a clearer picture of what happens in the sky there than anybody. And no one with the best information is claiming Ukraine's numbers. Furthermore, it hurts Ukrainian credibility to do so.

  37. Is that why Russia claims It’s destroyed more Ukrainian aircraft than Ukraine has in its airforce?

  38. Whataboutism is when you bring up something that has nothing to do with the topic at hand. Nobody is talking Russian claims. I don't fail to notice that you didn't address my actual comment.

  39. Thank you so much! I appreciate the depth of context. Some of my earliest life memories are watching the war there on TV and I remember as an innocent little kid thinking "this still happens?". My dad was in the US Marines and he went to Yugoslavia as part of the NATO mission but I don't know exactly where. At the time I thought war was something from history, not the present day. I was wrong, but I can recall having those thoughts clearly.

  40. I can decipher "Army Republic of Bosnia Herzegovina" but how about the other writing? Names or places? Thank you.

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