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  1. This just sounds like aggregating the rumors, not that he has inside knowledge

  2. Why was everyone so convinced Mark Hamill would be in it

  3. Nope. Never getting my hopes up ever again after that F4 cast reveal that never happened. Fuck scoopers.

  4. That was never going to happen. They didn't even have a director till August

  5. Is this the same trailer that was released in SDCC?

  6. Hell, imagine if he's going to make Andor more family friendly.

  7. What on earth are you talking about Andor is PG-13

  8. Andor is pretty intense. The show opens with him killing two cops in cold blood. Not to mention a prison episode dealing with suicide and euthanasia. It might be PG-13, but it's some pretty heavy topics for a series that last show had a little girl comically outrunning three grown men.

  9. Is it her stunt double or something?

  10. Oh my God you morons she's just slightly older

  11. the Bob Swap might save this show.

  12. I have no earthly idea how everyone has decided this show is doomed

  13. Yeah, a casting call asking for actors for six episodes isn't the same as it only being six

  14. This is like the fifth person who's said it, stop posting people who regurgitate things everyone else says

  15. We need another source accuracy thing because now fucking anybody who says something people like gets posted here

  16. I'm taking it to mean that the ideas and script are sound, they just didn't come together in a way that everyone liked.

  17. What do you people think the word production means. It means that the actual shooting had issues.

  18. it says there are budget cuts in mcu and not just in animation so I really dont think all those things in tftqm will happen

  19. You don't think that 2025 will have more Marvel releases than there are MONTHS IN THE YEAR like that says, or that 2024 will have five movies in a single year?

  20. This isn't accurate. This is not a reliable source.

  21. Lmao there is a zero percent chance there are thirteen releases in 2025

  22. Is there anyone credible saying that it's cancelled?

  23. We heard this with She-Hulk too and that turned out fine

  24. This feels incredibly premature doomsaying given Marvel animation has released exactly one show

  25. Based on him and KC's tweets, seems like it no longer invloves the Savage Lands and is now invloving the Squadron Supreme. The most interesting part is that Savage Lands was supposed to be teased in BP:WK, but in the end that seemed to be cut.

  26. When did anyone credible say it was about the Savage Land

  27. Even the people who said she's coming back have said she's not in Secret Invasion

  28. After hearing this, the pieces are starting to fall into place. The Gamma Radiation/Hulk stuff is just the next step of the super-soldier program. If its true the chances of Blonsky being in the movie skyrocket, hes the OG soldier experimented on with that stuff.

  29. He only said Deadpool 3 was the only planned mature project at the time, and that was way before we learned that Marvel Zombies would be TV-MA. R-rated comic book movies have proven to do well at the box-office and I'm sure we'll get more. Probably won't be as often but I don't think Deadpool 3 will be the only one.

  30. There’s literally no way to know this. It hasn’t even been written or filmed yet.

  31. It's absolutely been written. It's had writers attached for ages. It films in four months, they absolutely have scripts ready by now.

  32. Let's hope he lives long enough to finish his character's arc. The man is 80 years old and hasn't filmed anything yet. It would be really weird if they had to recast the role again due to the actor passing away.

  33. 80 and gets in quite a lot of plane crashes

  34. Michaela Coel, who is playing Aneka in 'Wakanda Forever', did something similar when she talked about the importance of her queer character!

  35. My guess is Aneka is the lead of the Wakanda show and it's a bigger part there

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