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  1. It will work fine on pcie 3 and will probably not lose too much performance. A rtx 3090 is still fine on a gen 3 system.

  2. The back glass was not glued right. It was sticking out a bit from one side. It was really weird but I returned it and didn't even try for another one lol.

  3. Well that's a rare situation, but man, I have never been happy with a Samsung phone.. my OnePlus 8T is perfect.. don't know what to do, stay with my OnePlus, go for apple? Don't know

  4. Maybe you should try Apple. It's crazy how much bad luck you've had with samsung though.

  5. Does the s21 fe in your region have a snapdragon or exynos? If you can get the snapdragon 888 variant it will be way better than the exynos 990. I have a snapdragon s21 fe and it still gets a little warm sometimes but not too much.

  6. It's the exynos version. From what I've heard it's wayyy better than Exynos 990, even tho not as good as 888.

  7. Yeah it's still way better than the 990. If you can get a good deal for the s21 fe it will be an upgrade cause you don't care about 1440p or SD card.

  8. Your card is fine. Overclocks are always silicon lottery. My 3060 ti can only run the memory at 7500 max before games start glitching out or crashing.

  9. More ram will not decrease your bottleneck as 16gb ram is still fine for gaming. Higher ram speed will be better but nowhere as much as getting a better cpu.


  11. I use a rtx 3060 ti with Ryzen 7 3700x on a 500 watt and I’ve never had a problem.

  12. That’s because of vram allocation. Just set the texture pool size to high or medium. This doesn’t reduce texture quality only the amount of textures cached in vram. I had the same problem with a 3060 ti and it’s just the way the game is on 8gb or less gpus.

  13. You should get the rx 570 because of the 4gb vram and it can be faster in some new games than the 1060 3gb.

  14. what about a card with changed thermal compound and pads? will it last?

  15. If it’s done right it’s actually better because the pads and paste will be fresh.

  16. Ah ok. One of the reviews says they used it for Minecraft and it runs great. That’s one of the only things I’m using it for, you don’t think it would run for that? No shaders or anything like that

  17. No it would be very bad. Don't get a computer with a video card that has GT as these are very slow instead get a GTX or RTX or AMD Radeon RX.

  18. Get the 2070. It's not that much slower than the 5700xt but has dlss and ray tracing support.

  19. Nope just install the new cpu and if it posts it's good to go.

  20. I signed up for a rtx 3060 on launch day 9:06am pst and got my order in the next day (Friday).

  21. I do a lot of coding, I feel like the BGR screen would bug the crap out of me. Does anyone who does a lot of typing have this monitor and could give me their opinion?

  22. When I first got the monitor it was bothering me but then I ran the clear type utility built into windows and fully fixed the problem.

  23. Do you have a multi monitor setup? I read somewhere that ClearType changes the way fonts work for all monitors at once, but it's possible that no longer applies today

  24. I read the the same thing but I ran cleartype with 2 monitors including this gigabyte and some dell and you can set different clear type settings for each one. When you run cleartype just make sure to have all your monitors running.

  25. iPhone 12 so I am assuming no standalone NR? I Imagine ping times will get much better than this.

  26. Yeah only stand-alone. I did see ping as low as 12ms though

  27. This is crazy! Was this after modernization? Also, is this a ritzy area or a poor area?

  28. Is that an improvement from 60 MHz? Seems backhaul is maxed out at even 60.

  29. Not sure because this is the first time I spotted n41 on this tower.

  30. I’m going to have to locate some towers and test speeds.I live in Los Angeles.

  31. There is n41 at space x in Hawthorne. I got 500mbps+ there.

  32. Couple questions. Does the phone have to be t-mobiles version to get the update & is metro pcs getting the update too?

  33. I read if you don't get the update by the 20 something of this month, than you will get it the 30th or after. Something of that. I have an unlocked A71 5G. Being I did not purchase it through T-Mobile/Metro will i still get the update??

  34. Yeah you should still get the update but later. The s20 unlocked still doesn't have it either. Only t-mobile phones have gotten it.

  35. I got a N20U last week. Best I've had so far is 240down in North Scottsdale. I don't want to keep running tests tho, trying to not hit deprioritization too fast.

  36. It will be the same experience apart from having rcs. You have to download and use Google messages for that on the unlocked.

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