1. I'm sorry but can I take vitamins supplements for like a week? Or they will take the vitamins from me at the airport?

  2. Maybe not directly related to the travel aspect, but when checking out, do most stores show the total on the cash register? I'm not good at all with listening to bigger japanese numbers so I'm a bit worried about this lol.

  3. Some small family restaurants actually don't. They just say the price. But at the big city there should be no problem.

  4. Maybe the all loving God was defeated or tricked and we are that God turned into pieces.

  5. Remember desire is the root of most depression and anger. Let go of needing things to be a certain way, you make those rules. Basic survival is important yes, but if you are passed that point then keep things simple. A desire less life can feel stale, especially in a world like ours but the end result is worth it.

  6. I'm going through such a peril right now. Precisely because of a trip I desired for so long, but know its getting closer but dependent on the result of a test... It's so hard to detach I'm anxious...

  7. The Buddhist practice non attachment. Observe, meditation... but let it all go.

  8. Detachment is so hard sometimes... Don't think is easy, it takes time.

  9. Problem is this will probably be very true. Imagine this double trap!

  10. That no matter how much a company wants you, the government policy can block you because you don't have a finished degree.

  11. I can't focus on work or my relationship because I feel we're weeks away from a global nuclear war in which the best fate I can hope for is a quick death.

  12. Anyone here who isn’t a citizen of a rich white country - the visa requirement for us lowly third worlders still states “Tour outline, list of participants, itinerary, contact information for the travel agency and the tour guide” other than the ERFS. Anyone here get the visa without it ? I got my flights and everything and then saw this requirement is still there for us facepalm

  13. Ask the politicians and celebrities that need no mask or visa or tests

  14. What places in Japan require a PCR test or Vaxx certificate to allow entry?

  15. You are the good entity. Trust yourself as you are your own protector. It's a part of you. You die, it's you reunited with that missing part. BAM they can't touch you.

  16. Kishida is expected to announce the return of visa-free travel to Japan during his trip to the US next week.

  17. It's like the "choice" to be vaccinated. They lie, suggest, bargain, bribe, threat and in the end it's your "choice". Many have fallen to it.

  18. Lol that's what you will say when you reincarnate back in this hellhole

  19. No explanations, no link, just a old man saying wtv What a useless post

  20. Yes, it explores the possibility of it being 100% truth. Your point is?

  21. What does being a drug addict have to do with manifesting anything?

  22. Há uns tempos a minha filha queria ver o Frozen 2. Como não tenho Disney+ e na net é difícil arranjar com vozes pt-pt, tive de ir à procura. Encontrei na fnac do chiado, mas vi logo que aquilo era um cantinho prestes a desaparecer.

  23. A cabra chamava se democracia, o último nome do Ivan é Putin, e Boris é ucraniano.

  24. Chegará um dia em que não teremos parlamento, e a única bandeira asteada dentro de portugal será a da UE.

  25. Nada como destruir identidade própria e implementar um povo sem identidade.

  26. Diz me és um vassalo dos globalistas sem dizer que és um vassalo dos globalistas.

  27. Faz a parte. Sai-te imensamente mais barato. Se for por uma questao de saúde/acidente só tens que fornecer o número da apólice a entidade que te tiver a prestar cuidados e pronto. Se for por outras questões tipo voos cancelados/atrasados, despesas de alojamento resultantes, malas perdidas, etc, tens que te chegar a frente e depois apresentar essas despesas a seguradora, embora como já aqui disseram em muitas situações as companhias aéreas normalmente cobrem esses custos o que pode tornar essa parte do seguro redundante.

  28. They have technology far superior to ours. Our only hope is on the spiritual front.

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