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  1. Yeah man, this stronger shit is really starting to fuck with me too. Giving me panic attacks and memory problems.

  2. Fat and low muscle mass. You’ll be good if you work on your chest a bit

  3. Yeah I’m the dad who has nothing in common with other dads apart from grilling and cooking. Sports don’t interest me and I have a weird job, those seem to be what most guys talk about. Prob a bit anti social but It’s always just small talk, I don’t care enough to make them my friends 🤷‍♂️

  4. Not worth eating unknown mushrooms. You don’t wanna die from something that dumb

  5. Nope no FAE was done. Just s2b, put the lid on, and waited. Thanks!

  6. Left the lid on until harvest? From S2B all the way?

  7. This is very common. Tbh more common than not. Growing up the neighborhood adults knew which kids were left alone and everyone kinda just understood to be on watch. I’m thankful because I was home alone with my little brother and sister more often than not

  8. As long she doesn’t end up going from Beyoncé to Chris Rock I’m good with it. Everyone looks different naked than clothed

  9. Start by Googling the diagnostic criteria for ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) in the DSM-5. How much do the criteria resonate with you?

  10. Almost all of it resonates heavily but I just thought it was my adhd. I took one of those trait tests online and actually was recommended to see a professional for further diagnoses.

  11. She came over for a hookup, now we’re in a relationship. Neither of us were looking for it and it but the chemistry we had was unmatched. We haven’t been in a relationship that long, 4 months but the fact we both decided to be together long term is kinda crazy.

  12. I cry almost every time I trip. Even “good” trips are highly emotional for me. I see it at a form of catharsis

  13. I think your wife has been “just dancing” for the past 20 years bro

  14. If she has high blood pressure / heart problems, I'd proceed with caution.

  15. She absolutely does. That’s actually her main problem and why I’ve been hesitant. Thanks!

  16. Lemon tek is great if you want a short, intense trip. For your mother to get the most value I would recommend just eating the fruits. I find it’s more of a journey that way , the way the shrooms intend it

  17. You think so? Should I grind them up first? I may mix up 2g powdered in some yogurt

  18. As along as we both get tested I’m more than fine with it. Tbh it’s actually a really good sign that’s she’s sexually responsible

  19. Get a WFH data entry job, subcontract that shit with fiverr, repeat

  20. I've applied for data entry with no success so far in Monster, do you have another source that resulted to you before?

  21. Oh I’ve never actually done this personally but it was a big thing during the pandemic. I’ll try to find an article that I saw about it

  22. This is literally the only reason people have HBO Max

  23. Damn, the whole side is stained from fluids and the “blood” is right where a head would be.

  24. I’d totally help out Luci and install a lock on his penthouse elevator door.

  25. Either way you should tell the guy you slept together. It’s still early enough in the marriage to cut ties

  26. The fuck you mean why? This man is about to unknowingly raise someone else kid with a whore

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