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  • By - 1BT1

  1. You can read about our randomness Algo here:

  2. We are looking to get the claim process out for GKEY fairdrop by or before end of this month. Once it's out, next month & beyond it will be easier + quicker for us to let people claim.

  3. Does that get sent to their wallets or do they have to claim it?

  4. Batch 3 registration will open this upcoming week.

  5. Rewards will go into a smart contract and holders of the NFT will be able to claim it like an airdrop once ready.

  6. Unfortunately you have to wait until rewards run out before you can refill on Junoswap.

  7. GKEY has still not been replenished. Is this going to become a regular thing?

  8. We did refill GKEY rewards about 25 hours ago

  9. So I delegated my Geolotto airdrop to Am I eligible?

  10. i have been on that site. but it is empty. i only see purple ice cream background.

  11. We don't support mobile yet in case you're trying there

  12. I cannot understand why delegators that do airdrops to their delegators is bad. It's a way to get known, attract delegators and somehow make their service to the active ones. Not everyone has 30k juno on their bags to get started. Yeah i know it's not the only way but is an honest way for a small one to start.

  13. Thank you for the transparency. The project so far looks impressive. Looking forward to seeing it evolve

  14. Hey there I am looking to use your beta with my airdrop I cant find a link could you please provide one or point me in the right direction? Thanks!

  15. I thought I could win multiple of the invidual prices aka hit the 33% more than once

  16. We added a feature to allow future games like this to allow a single wallet to win multiple times.

  17. All games on the platform are and will be smart contracts that run worldwide. You can play the game via CLI, anyone around the world can build a front end for the game.

  18. Also, more transparency of the smart contracts and how the random determination was actually made is going to be essential for the sort of trust that produces a widely used, valuable platform.


  20. I think they missed their self-stated deadline of August 15 for SCRT stakers to be able to claim their portion of the airdrop. Lol

  21. We said ETA August 15. Mainnet Beta & Juno LP was a higher priority. Looking to get part 1 of the SCRT claim out later today.

  22. Thanks for replying. What do you mean by "part 1"? Will the full claim not be available all at once?

  23. People will have to make a transaction on secret network telling us which Juno account they want the rewards to go to.

  24. We actually hired 2 new devs that will be joining us starting in a week. We will continue to expand the team to help us complete the year 1 roadmap and more.

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