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  1. Erin is the dumbest by a long shot. She boiled Gatorade! Kevin would never do that!

  2. Kevin did drink spoiled milk. And a drug-laced cupcake knowingly. And was upset he couldn't eat cats.

  3. I don't think you're quite getting what infinite universes mean if you think Strange having a different relic it's that mysterious

  4. MOM gave the viewers the most to think about and was visually stunning.

  5. Yup, had me wondering why the main character took a backseat to Wanda and her kids. Not to mention that cringy ice cream song that no kid ever would sing to their mother.

  6. And how much better it would've been if they let Scott Derrickson do his thing

  7. Because she's the preachiest character on the show who does her own share of bad things while never seeing consequences for them, unlike BJ.

  8. What do you mean she never sees consequences for them? Can you give examples?

  9. Kimmy's wedding (and everything attached, like the bachelorette party) and Tommy's party are great examples of that

  10. is “dyke” an okay thing to say now? has it been reclaimed?

  11. And they had a bunch of masters of the mystic arts running around who should've been the ones on water holding duty

  12. Isn't it really hard to get through his skin? ("All of that for a drop of blood")

  13. If you are including the Netflix series, then you should also include the Agent Carter series. Even more since Jarvis shows up on Endgame. That's a bigger connection than JJ, LC, IF and Defenders being indirectly connected to the MCU through Daredevil.

  14. Tommy always refers to himself as s gay man. So that's the term you should use.

  15. I honestly don’t think these are gonna work. They added like 10 new cast members and haven’t given them a funeral yet, now they are going to guest stars that we know nothing about.

  16. Yeah... I dont know about doing funerals for the new members, that'd be way worse.

  17. I guess HR mainly overlaps with Gabe's position. What confuses me is that all of the duties of the typical office administrator (managing supplies, scheduling meetings, recruiting, ordering things for the office) were already being done? Assuming by a combo of the receptionist, HR, why have an office administrator?

  18. Phase 1 was building toward the Avengers. People understood that at the time.

  19. But in that same way, by now it is pretty clear that the goal of this saga is Kang wanting multiversal domination. And not every movie or show is in direct service of that trajectory.

  20. At this point that seems to be the clear goal, but they didn't establish along the way how these movies would work toward that goal, and I think that was a structural mistake. You want to bring the audiences along with you, not just try to wrap it all up at the finish line.

  21. But it really it's not that different from Phase 1. They didn't establish along the way how the movies were working towards the goal of having Thanos as the final villain. He didn't even show up til the end of the phase, Avengers. In Phase 4 we have know about Kang since Loki.

  22. Sue did a lot of problematic things. Besides the ssexual harassment, we have her assaulting students, bullying Mercedes about her weight and Quinn about her pregnancy, drugging and blackmailing Figgins, and almost murdering Brittany.

  23. I am not going to lie, I laughed so fucking hard at that scene. I love how he gets up and says “don’t worry I’m ok” only for her to immediately push him back down without any concern of getting in trouble

  24. Isn’t she the same crazy lady who demanded they do something about the slugs in her yard but then gets mad at Leslie because she only wanted them to get rid of some of the slugs, not ALL of them?

  25. She also was gonna sue cause his dog ate another dogs feces on one of the parks

  26. Olivia has a thing where everytime she and someone else decide to constantly pair up for their TNTL bits on an episode, hilarious chaos ensues

  27. BOTH his parents, I see way too many blame Beatrice alone but Butterscotch beat both of them. He was such an asshole that Bojack seemed to have just written him off and couldn't even care anymore at all. Beatrice was bad, but there was still soemthing there. (I also personally think that Bojack really interpreted her "It's not Ibsen..." the worst possible way. Watching it again I'm convinced she was actually going to follow up with something nice and he was just expecting some bullshit. She didn't deserve a lot of acknowledging for that, but I think she was about to try just then. Not good, but better than I think Butterscotch ever was.)

  28. I don't think Quentin Tarantulino was that bad towards Bojack. The catfish director fits that description more

  29. I voted for him because he was coming at the job from a businessman perspective instead of a career politician perspective. Crucify me with downvotes now

  30. Should've taken a look at how many of his businesses failed and how he inflates his numbers

  31. The responses in this thread basically show that America really has got the leaders it deserves. Hundreds of responses and the best you can come up with is celebrities like Jon Stewart, and then many others seriously suggesting The Rock, Tom Hanks etc.

  32. The question is who could easily become president tho. Not who should become president.

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