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  1. Lmao the next 3 months after "uptober" is all dumps. So what do we call them then? Downvember, dumpcember, any suggestions for january?

  2. They don’t wear helmets because it’s easier to be agile (commit crimes) without one on.

  3. no its because of the first one not to be agile you fuckin idiot 🤣🤣

  4. weird the way people take pleasure in other people's deaths/illness ... must be a pretty shitty life

  5. Sainsbury’s? It thought he was living a Waitrose lifestyle now he’s been signed to Rokkr!

  6. 🤣 ay you can't knock Lidl or Aldi they have good value for money

  7. This news should make you bullish.

  8. you are right, alot of people are hating but don't actually have a clue

  9. boooo black ops 2 is the best cod released, was actually fun colours were great, maps really good aswell. That one where it was in a skate park was one of my favourites forgot what its called now. They remaster this i may sniff a stripe of the good stuff to celebrate

  10. my activison names big daddy roosta if anyone wants to get their ass whupped hmu i consistently get 2kds

  11. I don't get it, the hack happened months ago and we still get posts like these all the time. How can people hold bridged tokens on a volatile small cap coin without realizing they've lost their value for literal MONTHS? Especially with all the other bridge hacks that have been happening? You need to regularly check on your tokens and small cap coins!!

  12. It has now been over 2 months since the bridge hack. Time flies...

  13. W that’s a very interesting roster. Not enough ARs for OGRE2 tho

  14. curious to know is he called ogre2 because he looks like an ogre?

  15. Lol, can't wait for my DFK to leave and watch the ONE price plummet

  16. That day was yesterday mah boi. It's okay mate, you'll open your eyes one day

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