1. 800th post I’ve seen of someone saying that speed should do 20 v 1

  2. Packgod and his friend both used to run this channel called ‘void’, but then packgod’s friend backstabbed him and took the channel and everything else from him

  3. I heard that there’s no middle. You’re either blue or red

  4. To be frank, Marvel can suck it. There are plenty of other franchises that Lego could make a game out of without adding another piece of junk to an already oversaturated marketplace.

  5. I'd rather play realistic racing and soccer games. I want the infinity saga, maybe a big DC lego game. Back to the Future and stranger things for sure.

  6. Says the guy with marvel avengers under his name.

  7. I’m just saying that variety wouldn’t hurt. Also, Lego avengers is a banger of a game. Put some respec on its name

  8. That’s actually really funny lol. Because the joke is that like I asked you how you make boners go away and you said by thinking about my mum, meaning that you think my mum is clapped. Lol 😂

  9. How tf are mr beast and his mates rated higher than behz, Harry, josh and freezy

  10. Bro, I don't care about your playlist

  11. Since I don’t know something I’m automatically a new fan. Great logic

  12. I was being hyperbolic when I said 6’2. I just thought that he was taller

  13. Oh no! I should be jailed for that. Dw boss, I’ll delete this post now

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