1. Un-vacuumed carpet and feet pics is more

  2. Seriously though they are poly right? Just break it out

  3. If your willing to drop 25 just get a spear Lt and larp like a boss

  4. Or is the amount of swan sleeves to low????


  6. More 🔥??? Noveske kx5 is the only right answer

  7. This is what i picture every time someone says “side charging AR”

  8. Oh, it's a regular mag release in anticipation of the Dec. 12th court thing.

  9. Well good news, I just ordered a brake for a pin and weld build instead of a warcomp. So I am 100% if I weld it on the 11th the 12th will go our way

  10. If it does work out that way, thank you for your sacrifice, but you can always reach out to d.wilsonmfg on Instagram (or Google him) and he does p/w removals. If done a certain way, he can even save the brake for you

  11. Awesome thanks for the info!! I saw his site i have been debating wether or not to diy it but

  12. Send it back. Lol. They had blem mk16’s for less then $200 the other day. Mk16 is probably my second or third favorite rail

  13. Nah i’ll be fine it’s just a reason to build another one.

  14. Yes because the m4e1 tension screw is worth $60.

  15. 1 kit kat away from the first notch is the standard messurement

  16. Next time use the score card area on the right after you get it close

  17. First????? I have a white board of case statuses

  18. Ahhh never been there I don’t frequent subs dedicated to things I don’t really care for.

  19. Bergara b-14 hmr and a swampfox kentucky long 3-18

  20. Nice and very expensive rifle. But He already has a 6.5. He’s been really wanting a 308. He doesn’t have a 308 yet

  21. Oh sorry. Those 3 were the ones in the 13.9 size that kept coming up but info prob still the same

  22. 16 measured by shoving a dowel down the barrel with a closed bolt

  23. Just clp the rest of the gun to match. :)

  24. Fair, but is that really worth it when your enemy is starring at you down range and see's your optic reflect like a Mango Popsicle?

  25. This isn’t the movies, your not stalking people in the jungle.

  26. Yeah this isn't the movies, that's why I don't want an optic resembling something from Star Wars.

  27. I’m done feeding the troll someone else's turn

  28. Im sorry, I didn't realize wanting my first build to look nice meant I couldn't post here... maybe explain why what I want to do won't work instead of gatekeeping.

  29. It’s not gatekeeping, your just looking for non functional parts. This sub leans more towards function over form. Look at top posts, they are all rifles that look like they have been thrown down a mountain 100 times.

  30. It’s a personal preference thing. I think vfg’s feel weird and I have less control.

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