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  1. Highly recommend smart nodes! Use them on many of my cryptoโ€™s!

  2. I met all the criteria but it seems like they wonโ€™t allow me to redelagate :(

  3. Well, a validator can't stop you from redelegating to other nodes. Unless the Node is jailed than in some cases you need to use high transaction fees to redelegate. Could you send us a Dm so we can look into it.

  4. Oh I forget to say Iโ€™m staking in keplr wallet

  5. Send a Dm of your wallet address, we will check for you.

  6. I would be more concerned with having to look at that rusty old railing that's in the photo.

  7. Staking coins, staking coins, crypto in our wallets

  8. Go Go Go Kava! Great job! Shared to the Smartnodes Reddit ๐Ÿคฉ

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